The waist dress is characterised as having a defined waist that is at natural waist level. It is actually a compilation of a series of other dress styles such as the shirt dress and trench dress amongst others which feature a well-defined waist. However the waist dress does this due to cut and fit and not necessarily using a belt or sash.

Due to the ambiguous nature of this style of dress, its exact origins vary from the Victorian era through the ‘new’ fashion trends seen during the 1950s which gave women a more defined silhouette. Some waist dresses are short, favouring the 1960s trends whilst others are longer. The sleeve lengths vary on waist dresses too from sleeveless to cap sleeve, short sleeve and long sleeve.

Amongst the array of celebrities who have been seen in dresses which define the waist are actress Jennifer Aniston in her little black number that she worn to the premier of movie Marley and Me, actress Emma Stone who was spotted in a collared number by Valentino and Emily Rossum in her pastel pink summer dress. Other celebs sporting the style include Jade Jagger and Lindsey Lohan.


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