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Happier You. Happier Planet.

My online video course is unlike anything you have ever read or attended. It is a total game-changer.

Previously available only to private clients I will share my proven method to transform your life and help the planet.

You will learn in a few weeks what many people never learn in a lifetime.


15 ways you will immediately benefit from my master class. Happier you. Happier planet.

1. Save a fortune on finding clothes for your build.

2. Save time on knowing what to buy.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint, packaging waste, and pollution by shopping quality and long-lasting styles.

4. Eliminate the fashion fix that will cost you and the planet.

5. Gain self-love self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect by gaining this unique know-how.

6. Find joy in wearing your clothes and become happy with your wardrobe.

7. Become a savvy and mindful shopper doing good for the planet.

8. Learn which fashion styles were made with your build in mind, and which to give a miss with confidence

9. Become free of all the fashion myths and lies because you will be in the know you will become free of your fashion and body securities. You will become your own fashion pro.

10. Become strong in your weak places.

11. Become independent and not rely on other people’s opinions.

12. Become your own hero in your own story.

13 Become free of stress, shopping, and life traps.

14. Learn how to shop with purpose and positive impact.

15. Embrace your unique style DNA rather than being a bad copy of someone else.

This master class is filled with know-how and tools, how to become a happier you and have a positive impact on the planet.

So be to change, you always wanted. Become the agent of change for yourself and the planet.

Wear your values. Remove yourself from negativity and start living your best sustainable life.

Start to live your life on your own terms to make yourself fashion happy, and the planet happy, make yourself a priority, and start to invest in yourself with the one-of-a-kind super know-how, which is developed by me.

Save yourself a seat at my master class, happier you happier planet to transform your life instantly. So, you can reset yourself for a happier future. The know-how I’m sharing is truly unique.

And one of a kind, there’s no book or course out there that will give you the concrete tools to become your very own hero in your own story.

And the sooner you will be learning about the dirty fashion secrets, the fashion industry doesn’t want you to know the better your life and the planet’s life will be.


My new masterclass

I will be teaching you my unique proven method.

I will give you actionable steps to change your fashion habits, your fashion mindset, how to become a sustainable and mindful shopper, and also give you the know-how and power of understanding your body. So, you can translate them into the right fashion and design choices that make you look strong in your weak places.

This course is powered by deep care, love, passion, and true know-how

Easy to understand and to follow.  It will transform you, now and forever. My master class is debunking fashion and design myths from the start.

I will be sharing the top secrets of dressing right, whatever your build, age, or lifestyle. I’ll be revealing the secrets the fashion industry doesn’t want you to know because they would lose your trust, their influence, and power over you.

I’m decoding fashion for you.

So, you understand which fashion styles are relevant to you.

I’m debunking fashion myths, that the fashion industry is not telling you so that they can keep you under a spell.

I’m revealing the fashion lies that the fashion industry is drip-feeding you in beautifully wrapped installments.

I’m telling you the dirty fashion secrets, the fashion industry is hiding, and that is having a bad impact on your wellness health, and the planet.

I’m taking you behind the glamourous curtain to show you why your consumption is hurting us and the planet.

I’m teaching you my unique MJ method that I have developed in the last 15 years, which is the blueprint for your best version, that leaves a positive impact on the planet.

I will tell you your unique style, so you can develop your very own unique dressing guide.

I will show you how not to trade your authenticity for approval.

I will show you and tell you why you have to ditch your fast fashion addiction for a healthier and happier planet and you. Don’t trade your health for a killer outfit!

This is a great investment for a happier you and happier planet where you will see the results immediately. And this know-how will stay with you for the rest of your life. It is a completely transformative experience.


I want to make women feel fashion happy inside, outside, so they can make better decisions for themselves and the planet.


There’s so much confusion about what to wear and how to wear it. Especially as so much of the advice from so-called experts is contradictory.

So, you’re jumping from one fashion purchase to the other, hoping the next one will make you look and feel good, leave you feeling happy and fulfilled.

But before you know it, you’re hooked on the fashion hamster wheel.

As a result, you’re spending a fortune on clothes that you don’t like don’t need, love, or simply have no purpose in your life.

And they don’t fit you in the first place.

So, you come to the conclusion, nothing seems to work for you and you are poorer and unhappier than before.

As a result, you start to think that must be something wrong with you. And you’re getting more insecure about yourself and your self-image.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


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