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Style Guide to Calves

Dressing your calves requires an understanding of your build, as you need to put the size of your calves in context with your bust, body shape and height. Check out our style guide!
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The Complete Guide to Hosiery

In the past, hosiery was something desirable to wear; it was regarded as expensive and feminine. We think hosiery is need of a comeback! Check out our comprehensive hosiery guide.
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The Complete Guide to Dresses

Style advice on the 28 most popular dress types including, Asymmetric, Maxi, Strapless and Waist dresses. Discover which designers and celebrities made them famous.
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The Complete Guide to Jeans

Jeans are great multitaskers, but even they aren’t miracle workers. This complete guide to Jeans will give you all the know how to choose the perfect pair.
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The Complete Guide to Luggage

When looking for luggage, choose substance and practicality over style. For the traveller, luggage is a long-term investment, so always choose with wisely.
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The Complete Guide to Necklines

It’s amazing how a small part of your garment can radically alter your whole appearance; it can add charm, make you look smarter and generally flatter you.
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