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Ambassador Course

Learn to be a slow fashion and sustainable stylist in just six weeks.

  • Earn money while doing good.
  • Create a profitable side hustle you can do from anywhere.
  • Increase your job prospects.

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Signature Course

Happier You.

Happier Planet.

My online video course is unlike anything you have ever read or attended. It is a total game-changer.

Previously available only to private clients I will share my proven method to transform your life and help the planet.

You will learn in a few weeks what many people never learn in a lifetime.

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Free Course

10 tips for a Happier You. Happier Planet.

Inside you will learn simple but life-changing tips to help you and the planet be happier. sign up now and receive your free tips.

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Free Ebook

Conscious Consumerism

Conscious shoppers want to know where and how their products are made. Compassion, sustainability and innovation are the new shopping trends.

This free ebook is a guide to different sustainable fashion options, with recommended brands.

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