Washes for Jeans

Add character to your jeans with elaborate treatments and rinses.

These offer a cool, retro, chic and the most fashionable take on denim.

  • Nowadays you can pick between many different washes: Dark or chalky rinses, streaks, sandblasting and over-dyed tints are the methods of choice.

  • Use differences in fading and dyeing to your advantage - we all know that dark shades are more slimming than light, but a darker rinse along the inner thighs will also create the illusion of leaner legs.

  • If you don't have perfectly shaped legs be careful when choosing washes since they will add volume to your leg and accentuate bigger hips, bottoms, thighs and short legs. Less is more here!

  • Stick to finishes that look as natural as possible. Washes that look contrived look wrong. Over-treated jeans appear garish – you want to achieve a naturally worn effect.


Distressed/damaged jeans

There are several different techniques to make the jeans or denim jackets look old and worn. Most of these techniques involve actual sandblasting or abrading by some kind of power tool. Another popular way to make jeans appear damaged is to cut the edges at bottom, pockets, fly and knee area before the (stone)washing.


Jeans style advice: What you should know

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