Choosing the right jeans for your body shape

Wear the right pair of jeans for your shape and you'll look sassy and stylish. Get it wrong and you'll appear sloppy, or worse, dumpy. So, how do you know which pair will work for your shape? Follow this guide, and ill-fitting jeans will be a thing of the past!

  • Straight jeans


  • Boot-cut jeans

    Boot cut

  • Skinny jeans


  • Low-rise jeans

    Low rise

  • High-waisted jeans


  • Capri jeans


  • Flare jeans


Solutions exist for women of all shapes and sizes.

Denim is the most versatile of garments, and if you get it right, can be incredibly flattering too. These are a few pointers to get you started and steer you towards a pair that disguise the bad, flatter the good, and suit you from the hip to the ground.

For women, when looking for jeans, there are three qualities we search for:

  • The best butt.

  • A taut tummy.

  • A leaner leg.

  • Better left for the young and those with good figures - for any age, multitasking, problem solving.

Also, the amount of stretch in a pair of jeans is key, so check the label. In general, the most flattering jeans are made with 1 or 2% spandex.




  • To make your bottom look smaller, try jeans with back pockets but stay away from pockets that are smaller or sit higher on the bottom.

  • Pockets that are small, too high, close together or decorated will make your bum look bigger whilst having no pockets at all draws attention to the very area you're trying to camouflage. Instead, choose a pair of jeans that have wide, long pockets that rest wide and low on your bottom. Vertical seams, both on the pockets and down the back of the jeans, also help to create length instead of width.

  • Low rise jeans will shorten the back end, and flares at the ankles will help to create balance.

  • Better left for the young and those with good figures - for any age, multitasking, problem solving.

Bigger tummy

  • To give the illusion of a slimmer stomach, it's important to know what rise of jeans work for you. If you have a big belly, choose a pair of high-waisted jeans to help create a smooth plane over the entire stomach. Just be careful not to have the jeans go above the belly button.

  • While button-fly or regular zip-up jeans are fine, don't choose jeans that tie, have pleats or an elastic waistband, or are decorated in front. These things will just bring attention to the bulge.

  • The most flattering waistband for most women falls just on or slightly below the hipbone.

Bigger thighs / saddle bags / wide hips

  • The worst thing someone with wide hips can do is try to hide them in a relaxed fit pair of jeans. These jeans actually draw attention to the width. Instead, buy a pair of boot-cut jeans.

  • The flare at the bottom helps to minimize the appearance of thick thighs or wide hips by balancing your silhouette.

  • The key to getting these jeans to look their best is to get them a) long enough and b) in a darker indigo. Avoid any attention drawing fabric such as light or washed out denims, or pockets on your leg line.

  • The hem line should hit the bottom of the ankle. If you plan to only wear them with a heel (which will help to minimize the look of wide hips) the hemline can go as low as the floor when standing flat-footed.

  • The right pair of jeans can add a little length to your legs and create a slimming silhouette; remember the cuffs of your jeans should cover most of your heel in order to show off a leaner, longer look.

Shorter legs

  • Both tapered and flared jeans will add to length to short legs.

  • To give the illusion of height, choose a pair of high-waisted jeans.

  • The very straight vertical lines create a slimming, lengthening look.

  • To add even more length, have the hemline hit the floor when standing flat-footed and wear heels.

Long and leggy

  • Nothing's worse than jeans that stop short of where they should. But if you're lucky enough to have long legs, they can look stunning in the right jeans. If you do want to detract from your height, choose a pair of jeans that stop at your ankle and pair them with flat shoes. And great news for all tall girls - skinny jeans look superb on you.

  • To avoid legs looking too thin, choose denims with a bit of texture to them. This will add the effect of volume.

  • You'll also look great in wide legged jeans which are very elegant and help to make the most of your frame. 

  • Wear your jeans with a cropped, or boxy jacket to break up your silhouette, or if you want full on height impact, wear a long oversized cardigan and jewellery to make your legs look like they go on forever.


  • Try straight, slim fitting, or even skinny jeans that are slightly on the long side. If you have straight leg jeans, you can take a pair a good two or three inches too long and wear them with high heels, where the hem will hover just above the ground and give you lots of extra height.

  • If you opt for skinny, extra length is equally handy, as surprisingly, a bit of bunching at the leg has a slimming, and elongating effect.

  • A wider cut at the ankle will chop valuable inches off your frame.

  • If you'd rather keep the bottom of your jeans at ankle length, choose a pair with a straight front crease or line which will help to lengthen your leg. If you do find a perfect pair of jeans that are too long, don't be put off – you can easily have them altered.

  • For extra height, try to match the colour of your jeans to your shoes and top, creating a sleek silhouette.

  • Another trick of the eye is to match the colour of your jeans closely to that of your shoes and top - if you wear a classic black pair of jeans with a pair of pumps and a black sweater, you create a much longer, sleek silhouette.

  • If you are short with a bit of a tummy, go for a mid rise, but if you are petite all over then you can get away with a high rise, which will keep the line of your legs much longer.


Jeans style advice: What you should know

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