How to find the perfect pair of jeans

When buying jeans, you are not only selecting a specific cut with which you feel comfortable, you are choosing a "style" with which you should identify.

Make this decision with knowledge of the styling options and an understanding of the best fit for your body type.

In addition to this you need to think of the right colour.

The darker the colour, the more slimming the jeans are. Go for greys, blacks and dark blue (indigo) if you want to create the illusion of thin legs and hips.

The major choices available at any one time will vary with the current fashion trends and the market a particular manufacturer caters to (teens, juniors, active, urban, etc...). Jeans come in a variety of different:


  • Fits

    This refers to how tight, how close to the skin the pants should be worn.

  • Cuts

    This refers to the actual shape of the pants (leg, waist and pocket types).

  • Washes and finishes

    Usually with the purpose of achieving a soft, worn in look.

  • Fabric options

    Different weaves, weights and compositions.

  • Embellishments

    This can be anything; embroidery, rips, studs, etc.


Jeans style advice: What you should know

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