Does My Bum Look Big In This?

It's the most common question in changing rooms! Your rear view is influenced by following key factor.


  • Great for small bottoms, because they will elongate your bottom.

  • Good for older women because they provide more support and shape.

  • Bad for big bottoms - they will enlarge and accentuates your torso in an unflattering way.

  • Pear shapes will look wider at hips and bottoms and even more unbalanced in their proportion.


Very low rise

  • Good choice for small bottoms - it will make them look curvier.

  • Good as well for long (but flat) bottoms since they will shorten your bum.

  • Very bad for curvier or fuller bottoms, because the extra weigh will be pushed over the waistline instead and give you a very unflattering rear view!


  • Good choice for small or flat bottoms, because they will give a natural curve and lift up your bottom.

  • Bigger bottoms should opt for discreet seams since they will draw attention to your bum.

Loose fit

  • Best left for those who have a proportional body and no weight issues.

  • The danger for all others is that a loose fit will swamp the body, making bottoms appear even larger because of the extra bulk. Small bottoms will be overpowered by the extra bulk and will look shapeless.

  • Opt for jeans that are fitted at the bottom but are looser in the leg.


  • A tapered leg will not only draw attention to your leg but also to your bottom if it's bigger in size. Your look will be out of proportion, because your leg looks narrower and your bum wider.

  • It is best left for small or well proportioned bottoms.



  • Great for bigger bottoms, because the flare shape will balance a curvy butt.

  • A good choice for creating curves on flat bottoms.

  • But caution for petite or small bottoms - these can easily overpower their frame.


  • Small pockets will make a big bum look bigger, so opt for bigger ones instead.

  • Pockets can make a flat bottom look rounder and create a curvier silhouette (lean column and rectangles).

  • Pockets that are positioned too low will make a bigger bottom not only look bigger but also saggy.

Tight fit

  • This is not a shape for those with big bottoms since they will create extra lumps over the waistline and squash your bottom. Opt for a bigger size that works for your shape, figure and bum- it will have a slimming effect.

  • Leave tight fits to the young and shapely.

Jeans style advice: What you should know

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