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The Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The Inverted Triangle Body Shape

To determine if you are an inverted triangle body shape, look at yourself in the mirror in your underwear. Stand with your legs together and your arms a bit away from your sides. Examine the area from under your arms, past your bust and ribcage, over your waist and hips to the fullest part of your thighs. Then compare yourself to the image and review the questions and characteristics below. We suggest you look at all the body shapes to find your closest match.

Body shape style advice

Do you

  • Wear a larger size on your top half than your bottom?

  • Have wider shoulders than hips?

  • Have a straight ribcage?

  • Prefer an uncluttered look on top?

Your build is characterised by:

  • Your bottom half is smaller than your top

  • Little definition between waist and hips

  • Flat hips and bottoms

  • Straight and squared shoulder line

Other Body shape tendencies

If you have gained or lost weight many times your body shape can change into another one. Read below to see what other body shape tendencies you might have:

  • You lean toward an apple shape if you have a bust and weight around your top half

  • You lean toward a rectangle shape if you have weight or strong bone structure at your hips

General rules for your body shape and how to create visual balance:

On your bottom half you need to wear clothes that make your hips look broader.

  • Keep details, fuss, anything that creates volume to your lower half and keep your top half clean and uncluttered

  • Straight clothing lines are a natural extension to your body line

  • Create the illusion of a waist with waist details such as a wider belt

You should avoid:

  • Necklines that make you broader on top e.g. boat or bardot, big straps, halterneck tops, big shawl collars

  • Styles that extend or accentuate shoulders e.g. details, volume, fuss on your shoulders such as puff sleeves, shoulder pads

  • Styles that hide your silhouette

  • Patterns on top, scarves around your neck or shoulders

  • Stiff fabrics on top and narrowing hemlines e.g. pencil skirts or skinny jeans

  • Clutch bags

  • Petite footwear


The body shapes and their clothing lines

Every body shape has its own characteristics and silhouette, which needs to be addressed when choosing your clothes. The aim of choosing the right clothes is to balance your silhouette. You may not be able to follow all the fashion tends that are out there, but nowadays there are so many trends in fashion that there is something available for every body shape. So, don't get sidetracked by falling in love with a style and look that doesn't match your body shape:

Neckline for inverted triangle body shape

Wider collar and lapels, in general you are quite flexible here if you don't have a big bust or a short/wide neck. Great necklines are any form of V-necklines.

Tops & Shirts for Inverted Triangle body shape

Simple straight lines, wrap tops, splits on the waist or hips, layering on hips.

Jackets for Inverted Triangle body shape

Straight lines or flared with fuller hemline, lower pockets, vents in the back.

Coats for Inverted Triangle body shape

Constructed or shaped with angular lines (but go easy on the collar!). Long jackets that are straight or gently tapered towards the hemline, hip pockets and double vents are great.

Dresses for Inverted Triangle body shape

Simple straight lines, shifts, A-lines are even better, full or tiered skirts, pleats or patterns or other details.

Skirts for Inverted Triangle body shape

A-line is great, while straight is ok. Tiered, volume or dropped waistlines work well. Details such as panels, box pleats or vertical lines at the top ending in a full skirt are good. Skirt lengths can be extreme from very short and flared, to long and flowing.

Trousers for Inverted Triangle body shape

Any style that will accentuate your bottom and leg line such as pockets, embellishment on your back pockets, pattern and print, baggy trousers, turn ups, combat, palazzo, flares, culottes, wide legs. Fullness can be worn with horizontal lines at the hip and hemline to offset and balance the width above.

Jeans for Inverted Triangle body shape

Boyfriend style, distressed, look, baggy or coloured jeans, details in hip and thigh area e.g. various washes, ripped, embellishments, flared, boot cut, wide leg, turn ups, big back pockets.

Shoes for Inverted Triangle body shape

Choose more visual "look at me" detailed footwear - look for embellishment, patterns and colour. Wedges, platform, medium to chunky heel, ankle straps, ankle boot, Uggs, and cowboy boots are good.

Bags for Inverted Triangle body shape

Opt for chunky, coloured, fussy, detailed, or coloured shoulder or handbags, which will sit on your hips or thighs.

Swimwear & Beachwear for Inverted Triangle body shape

Square and simple delicate halterneck lines work well, as do hip details. Avoid tops and bottoms sold separately.


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