Measuring Guide for calves and feet

There is no standardized measurement for a "wide calf" boot. Therefore an accurate calf measurement is important to selecting a well-fitting boot.

How to measure your calve

  • Take a seat and place your foot flat on the floor in front of you.

  • Use a tape measure to get the most accurate measurement of your calf. Wrap the tape around the widest part of your calf, being careful to leave no gap, and measure to the nearest cm/inches. (Always round up - never down!)

  • Always measure both calves (they can vary in size!) and always use the wider measurement when buying boots.

Measuring calves

Joy of Clothes style tips

  • Before you buy your boots have a think about how you will wear them and on which occasions. Will you wear them with thick socks? Low or high denier tights? Similarly if you plan to wear trousers tucked into your boots, wear trousers when you take measurements to ensure the fit is generous enough to accommodate them (although to be honest if you have big calves you should give this style a miss since it’ll just add volume to your calf size).

  • Don't forget to round up when taking your measurements

  • Always measure both calves since they can vary in size. Use the bigger measurement when buying boots.

  • Leather is a natural product and will give slightly after several wears but don’t count on it by ordering a smaller size, thinking it will widen with time and use. Not only it will be very difficult to close the boot (possibly causing damage to the fabric and zip) but will also cause overspill in your calf area – not a pretty sight. Even if you wear trousers over the boots, you’ll still see the lines of the overspill caused by a bad fit. Plus it’s not good for your blood circulation and since the boot won’t fit perfectly, ultimately you’ll be uncomfortable and won’t like wearing the boots - a bad investment buy. So, make sure that your boots always fit your calves when buying them. You need to feel comfortable in them in order to make the most out of them.


How to measure your feet for width?

  • Put your foot flat and in front of you. Take a fabric tape measure (for most accurate measurements) and stand firmly on it. Place it on the floor cm side down

  • Measure around the circumference of your foot at its widest point. This is usually from the bone just below your big toe, to the bone below your little toe

  • Measure to the nearest cm/inches. Foot size can also vary, so measure both feet and use the wider measurement

Measuring feet

Joy of Clothes style tips

  • Again here always round up - never down! And use the bigger measurements when buying shoes and boots.

  • If you usually wear socks or tights with your shoes, wear them when you measure your foot width.

  • Make sure you have measured for the perfect fit - don’t count on that fabric stretching over time.

  • Think about where and how you like to wear your shoes or boots. What type of hosiery will you wear with them? If you want to wear them with thick socks, put them on when measuring the widths of your feet to ensure a comfortable and perfect fit for your feet.

How tall are your boots?

  • Boot height is the distance in a straight line from the bottom of your foot at the heel to the top of our boot. The height of our knee-length boots increases slightly with the shoe size, calf size and style of boot, ranging from 27cm to 51cm in a full length boot (more for over-the-knee styles). Each product page displays the approx height of the boot displayed. Select a shoe size and a calf width and the boot height will automatically display.


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