Hello, I am Michaela Jedinak

September 1, 2021
By Michaela Jedinak

Welcome to our blog.

I am Michaela Jedinak a sustainable Fashion designer, Stylist, Entrepreneur, great animal lover, outdoor enthusiast and Co-founder of Joy of Clothes- for a Happier You and Happier Planet.

I always saw fashion very differently to most women and certainly the fashion industry.⁠

Fashion was for me always a tool to look my best by dressing towards my body strengths rather body weaknesses, wearing clothes reflecting the current me and wearing my values.

Clothes are not miracle tools where everything and anything goes because it is in fashion.⁠

We are all different and that is why we all need our own unique dressing guide to look and feel our best.


This approach to fashion is certainly different what the Fashion industry is practising. They want to keep you insecure and needy, so that you stay hooked and keep coming back for new purchases which are usually based on false promises. ⁠

???? I have always been passionate about debunking fashion and design myths to challenge traditional retailers and designers to design better for the environment, for the people working in fashion and animal welfare, but also to empower consumers to look behind the curtain and see the effects on our health, the negative footprint and destruction of our environment we enable with our endless consumption and addiction for newness.⁠

✅ I will share here on Joy of Clothes my know, expertise and insights into how to be fashion happy from the inside to the outside. ⁠

✅ It is about making smarter and greener decisions about the clothes you wear and buy.⁠

✅ I will show you how to unlock your best, making positive change in your shopping behaviour that makes a positive impact on the planet at the same time- becoming a force for good.⁠ ????????

⁠????⁠ Please join our movement on Instagram @joyofclothes2030.