Women with authority

I believe women with authority and power need to reflect their skill set in their outward appearance. By that I don’t mean they need to wear the most expensive clothes and accessorised with the right gadgets, but more importantly she needs to know what works for her body shape, height, proportion, scale, personality, colouring and what to wear in her industry and the position she is holding . As she commands authority on a professional level she needs to have as well developed by then a signature look and not be still experimenting with looks and clothes or copy what her employees in the office wear. As she owns the floor she can’t be copying a style but be true to herself and comfortable in her skin and needs lead ahead by having created a unique look, which matches not only her skill set but also why she was hired for a senior role.


Women who are still experimenting with their looks when commanding a senior position are sending out the wrong messages e.g.

  • Spending too much time in shopping which should be rather spend on the job at hand

  • Spending too little time in their outward appearance, which can she does not appreciate enough the company’s image, profile, clients or customers or her position

  • Finding it too difficult to put the right image together- showing a lack of skill, which always leads to problems/frictions with co-workers, management clients because she is not “ Dressing for Success”

  • Not having found herself- meaning there might be a personality problem between skill set and outward appearance

  • Will find it difficult to command respect from employees, because she needs to lead the way and set an example

The right Dress Code is always determined by the following factors;

  • Country

  • Industry

  • Position

  • Age

Powerful women with authority are best advised to go for well tailored and quality clothes rather than opting what is the latest on the shop floor. A job which requires long hours, lots of meeting in the office and out of the office can be only successfully achieved when you have clothes of quality, which are hardwearing and where you don’t have to worry about how the trousers are fitting when sitting, standing or walking, if your hem is out of line, if your blouse is sitting straight and not shifting to the right, if your jacket is loosing a thread, if your tights are having a run, wearing shoes you can’t walk in and/because they give you blisters. All these factors must be ruled out by someone with a senior job, because you would expect that from someone who has been for some years around the block in the same way you don’t expect her to make professional mistakes of a junior.

It is best for these women to do investment buys by purchasing not only tailored and quality clothes, but also clothes which have more of a classic look than being too trendy. In order to make your look current you accessorise it with fashion items.


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