Maternity Style Tips

  • Don't try to hide your blooming figure; pregnancy is something to be celebrated by making the right choice in maternity wear.

  • Create a fashion statement as unique as your pregnancy. Now is not a time to lose your sense of self. Try to maintain your own style, if you wouldn't wear the clothes when you weren't pregnant, why should you wear them just because you are?

  • Pregnancy is a fabulous time in your life, so embrace it at every stage! Buy a few key pieces that will last for the duration but focus on your best features and update your look throughout the nine months with styles that flatter your ever changing silhouette! As well as looking for the practicalities of maternity clothes embrace the season's trends to suit your bump so that you can continue to wear your clothes post-pregnancy.

  • With the current trend for layering now is a great time to be pregnant! This season fashion focuses on loose empire lines and draped, flowing silhouettes which lend themselves perfectly to maternity wear.

  • Stick to soft, stretchable and comfortable fabrics that will grow with the two (or more) of you! Clothes that contain Lycra or elastane and hug you in all the right places to boost your self confidence and will make you feel fabulous. If you are experiencing fluctuations in your body temperature opt for natural fibres such as cotton or linen as these will allow your skin to breath.


  • Invest in at least one dress that will resist wrinkling and go from day to evening with only a change of shoes and a quick switch of accessories. Wrap dresses are always flattering and endlessly versatile. With a tie waist you can arrange the dress to best flatter your figure. If you are conscious of your tummy, tie the dress under the bust to draw attention away from that area. If your bust has 'blossomed' enjoy the extra attention or layer the dress over a camisole to make you feel more secure.

  • It may sound obvious but as your body is changing so dramatically in such a short space of time you need to buy clothes that fit properly. Don't be fooled into going up a few sizes in search of perfect maternity wear style. The extra fabric may fit over your bump, but it will swamp the sexy parts of your body. Flatter your pregnant shape by showing of your new gained curves and underline it with feminine styles.

  • Regardless of the season jeans are a style staple and should have their place in every wardrobe, this is no different for your maternity wardrobe! Denim is the hard-wearing, stylish and practical side of fashion. The very nature of denim means that it keeps its shape and fit despite being worn and washed over and over again. It provides you with comfort and support in all the right places as your pregnant bump grows as well as while you are returning to your pre-pregnancy shape after the birth!

  • Add a little interest to your maternity wardrobe by injecting different colours to suit different moods and occasions. Pink will give you a soft and feminine look, while grey is timeless and versatile. Black is great for an elegant look and burgundy will make you feel and look sophisticated. White will always lift any outfit and give you a sense of freshness. Embrace colour, don't hide behind monotone, dull shades.

  • Many women feel self-conscious about their body changes, so customise your look and accentuate body parts such as your neck and create a variety of looks with accessories. The right necklace can work wonders to accentuate or disguise the chest area depending on you! A long chunky necklace will hang below the neckline of you clothes and highlight your bust while a choker will turn the focus to you neck. When it comes to shoes don't forget you will be getting tiered legs and that you need shoes and heels which accommodate a balance.


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