Golden Rules about dressing/styling right

Joy of Clothes recognises that everyone is different and needs individual, personalised advice how to dress right. There are an infinite number of physical features and each person has their own unique combination of these. We have created a unique method of looking for lines that will create balance and harmony in your overall appearance. Fashion and style will allow for flexibility and creativity.


Golden rules on how to dress for success

These rules apply to everyone no matter what age, life style, work or play or budget.

  • Complement your personal colouring, which is based on your dominant colour (eye, hair and skin colour)

  • Dress according to your body shape, proportion and scale - it is important to understand how to dress to your build in order to create the appearance of a balanced body

  • Dress appropriate for the occasion - learn the know how to get it right for each occasion no matter how varied they might be.

  • Dress for your personality, in a way which reflects your lifestyle and character at work and play. It is your personality which will put an outfit and look together.

  • Look current - make sure that your outfit does not look dated in fabrics, cuts and accessories. Nothing is more aging and draining than wearing clothes which look out of fashion. Make sure that your investment buys have a timeless look and feel, so you can jazz them up for the occasion and adapt them to current fashion trends.

How to create the illusion of the perfect shape

The aim is a neat hour glass figure (which is considered the perfect and most balanced figure of all body shapes). The stripes on the left will make someone look wider (if that's what you need). The stripes on the right make a person look thinner (if that's what you need).

The same rules apply when it comes to putting on make up. Just as stripes on a dress can create an illusion of shape so can makeup and eyebrows.


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