Care Labels

Care and Content Labels

Care and content labels are arguably the most important label on a garment since it conveys information to the customer, and retailer, this information has to be clear and accurate.

Care instructions are given by means of symbols, may be accompanied by instructions in words, and include translations in several languages depending on the intended market of the garment. This information should remain legible for the life of the garment.

Content information provides detail of the fibre content of the main material, and any associated materials such as linings and trimmings, which can be presented in several languages.

This label is used for retail information such as style, colour, size, product code, and a barcode. This information is important when the garment is being returned by a customer


Your Guide to Easy Care

Care labels provide helpful information that can save you time and money by indicating how to clean textile articles in the best possible way.

  1. Cleaner, fresher clothes means longer-wearing apparel. Clothes that are bleachable are easier to get clean.

  2. Clothes can be mislabelled - all the components of the said textile article shall be taken into account e.g. such as fibers, accessories, yeing, finishing treatments and texture.

  3. Care symbols are recommendations on how to clean a textile article on which they are affixed, they should not be considered as a use guarantee neither as a quality mark.

  4. Symbols refer to maximum permissible treatments that a textile article can bear without irreversible damage.

Care Labels

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Care tips for specific clothes categories:


Because of the indigo dye stuff, the colour of your jeans may run through abrasion and washing. Please take the usual precautions.

  • The best way to look after denim is to do as little to it as possible. Wash infrequently and, even then, keep the water cool or cold.

  • Line dry, or tumble dry on a low-heat setting to keep the colours true.

  • Determined to keep your dark jeans dark? Only wash them inside out, or send them to the dry cleaners.

  • Denim has usually been pre-shrunk, so when choosing a size, don't worry too much abut shrinkage.

  • Machine wash at less than 50°C (110 F) or hand wash, separate from other colours.

  • Do NOT bleach.

  • Iron warm if desired (best inside out).


  • Ideally wash your should be hand washed in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Do not bleach hosiery.

  • Rinse your hosiery well in cool water and hang to drip dry or place between two towels to dry flat.

  • Dry away from direct heat and never iron.

  • Avoid drying your nylons and pantyhose in direct sunlight or direct heat sources.

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