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Wardrobe Makeover: Autumn

When it comes to losing weight you'll naturally be dropping dress sizes, but with each new size comes a new wardrobe. Instead, save money whilst you're losing pounds and invest in some key autumnal items that'll not only see you along the way, but see you sporting this season's must-haves!

Catwalk Report

Losing weight is hard enough without having to worry about whether you are dressing the part! As you drop dress sizes you'll naturally want to invest in new clothes, but this can be pricey. Worry no more! We've been keeping an eye on the catwalks and enlisted help from fashion expert Michaela Jedinak, founder of, to guide us through this season's must-haves. "When dressing, the most important thing is to balance your proportion and body shape, and not to highlight or add detail to body parts which are not your most flattering," says Michaela. "So, if you're pear-shaped, balance it with tops that give you a broader shoulder, such as big collars, and detail such as necklaces."


Michaela's Dos For This Season Michaela's Don'ts For This Season

Colour: Make use of colours such as orange, red, purple, fuscia and electric blue, but make sure you know what colours suit you. These colours are great to wear in shoes, bags, cardigans, scarves or coats.

Texture: Glossy patent is great to wear in bags and shoes.

Investment Buys: Charcoal is big this season, so buy staples such as suits, trousers, jeans and skirts in this colour, but don't wear it top-to-toe. Combine it with colour, e.g. grey coat with red shoes or grey trousers with a fuscia cardigan.

Thick Heels: At last they're back! They compliment larger legs and calves. Avoid ankle straps though.

Tights: Opaque tights are a must! Wear them only in dark colours such as black or brown. Avoid patterns.

Leggings: Stick to plain dark colours with no details. And make sure you wear them with the right top. Nothing clingy.

Belts: Whilst they're a big fashion item again this season, be careful. You don't want to have one sitting on your fullest area, especially if they have large buckles.

Short skirts: Unless you're 25 or under and have a cracking pair of pins, steer clear of the mini skirt.

Stripes: Remember stripes are generally unforgiving, particularly the horizontal kind, so a good pattern to avoid.

Tailored Trousers: If the trouser has a crease, it needs to start at the top and finish in a straight line at the bottom. When the crease disappears it can be unflattering.

Cropped Jackets: These tend to add bulk and volume to the area where you don't need it.

Puffy sleeves: If you're at all self-conscious about your arms, don't wear sleeves with puff detail. This adds unnecessary volume. Instead wear a plain ¾ length sleeve.

If you want to add some glamour, add colour using make-up or accessories. Red lipstick is very now. Or add it with shoes, bags and jewellery. "This is where you can be bold with metallics and detail," says Michaela. She refers to these as 'investment buys'. "They''ll see you through countless dress sizes." Accessorising smartly is an easy way to add the 'wow' factor to your outfit.

The return of the thick heeled shoe and platform is a godsend as whilst the stiletto heel is fine for a particular occasion, let's face it - they're a nightmare to walk in!

Winter coats are now in the shops, but where do you start? Michaela advises 'getting the colour right'. "Don't pick one in a colour that doesn't suit you. It's got to be right as it's your top layer," she says. "And opt for plain colours with no patterns and no heavy details such as big belts." The 60s swingcoat is great as the A-line shape works well with fuller frames.

Perhaps Michaela's most stringent rule of thumb: "Don't do fashion for the sake of it!" She stresses it's important to find your style and then work with it. The world of fashion is forever changing, but if you know what colour and style suits you, you can add one or two key seasonable items to your basic wardrobe and you'll know you've always got it right!


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