Choose the right diet for your body: Pear

The Pear

Your build is characterised by:

  • Full hips or thighs

  • A defined waist

  • Shoulders that may slope and are narrower than your hips

  • A top half that appears small


Doing cardiovascular exercises for quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus for long durations will help. An example of this could be cycling or running. It would also help to do heavy resistance training on the upper body.

Essential diet tips

  • Stick to foods that are low in fat - to avoid piling on the pounds - and high in calcium.

  • Lower your salt intake to reduce water retention and cellulite in problem areas.

Essential exercise tips

  • Use aerobic activities to slim your lower half and then strengthen the upper body with weights and resistance training.

  • Best exercises include push-ups, chin-ups, leg lifts, jogging and dancing.

  • Worst exercises include rollerblading, stepping and high resistance weights.



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