Choose the right diet for your body: The Neat Hourglass

The Neat Hourglass

Your build is characterised by:

  • A defined bust

  • A defined waist

  • A neat bottom

  • Neat hips


Doing moderate to high intensity cardiovascular exercise will help tone the whole body. Carrying out resistance training at high reps and low weight will also help.

Essential diet tips

  • Eat lean protein, such as skinless chicken breasts, and lots of leafy green vegetables, like spinach, broccoli and cabbage.

  • Avoid foods high in sugar and limit your intake of eggs, dairy products and nuts.

Essential exercise tips

  • Focus on losing weight and inches first with high reps and low resistance exercises, then slowly incorporate weights if you want.

  • Best exercises for your shape include fast walking and slow jogging with no incline, jumping jacks, swimming for distance and stationary cycling with light resistance.

  • Worst exercises include step and spin classes, leg presses and thigh machines on high resistance, weighted squats and lunges, and running or rollerblading on incline.



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