Choose the right diet for your body: The Lean Coloumn

The Lean Column

Your build is characterised by:

  • Narrow shoulders

  • Flat chest or small bust

  • Small and non-defined waist

  • Narrow hips and flat bottom


An exercise routine should include exercises to enhance gluteus and shoulder muscles. This will help curve out the shape of the body. Also do whole body

Essential diet tips

  • Make sure you include plenty of lean protein, like fish and turkey; complex carbs, such as wholegrain rice and pasta; and calcium-rich foods, like yoghurt and tofu in your diet.

  • Avoid carbonated soft drinks and cut down on starchy foods like white rice and potatoes.

Essential exercise tips

  • No activity is off limits for your shape, but abdominal and back exercises should be high priority.

  • Three days a week of formal exercise with lots of rest in between is ideal level.

  • It's important to exercise intensely and really tax the muscles during each workout in order to achieve good muscle tone.



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