Choose the right diet for your body: Apple

The Apple

Your build is characterised by:

  • Rounded shoulder line

  • Curved back

  • Fullness around the middle

  • Flattish bottom


Apples shapes should concentrate their exercise regimes on cardio activities to bring the body back to proportion by reducing upper body mass, while core-strengthening exercises will help to trim the waist further.

Essential diet tips

  • Eat a moderate amount of healthy fats found in grains and oils, as well as lots of fruit and vegetables.

  • Replace brown-coloured whole grain foods with smaller quantities of white.

Essential exercise tips

  • Do high reps with low resistance for the upper body and high reps with moderate resistance for the lower body.

  • Best exercises include step and spinning classes, racquet sports, abdominal crunches, kick-boxing and skipping.

  • Worst exercises include all upper body exercises that involve using heavy weights.



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