Neckline Factors - Bodyshape

The first thing you need to do is find out what sort of body shape you are, in order to find what sort of overall balance you need to create when choosing your neckline. For example, if you are a pear you need to go wider in your neckline to create broader shoulders, whilst if you are an inverted triangle you want to avoid highlighting your shoulders and instead minimise them by choosing a narrower and lower neckline.


  • The Inverted Triangle

    The Inverted Triangle

  • The Lean Column

    The Lean Column

  • The Rectangle

    The Rectangle

  • Apple

    The Apple

  • The Pear

    The Pear

  • The Neat Hour Glass

    The Neat Hour Glass

  • The Full Hour Glass

    The Full Hour Glass


Neckline style advice: What you should know

The six main factors that define your neckline

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