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How to create visual balance between your body shape and calf size

Your body shape plays a crucial aspect when it comes to dressing your calves. Dependent on your shape you will look unbalanced visually if you leave the issue unaddressed.


  • Inverted triangle and small calves

    Inverted triangle and small calves
  • Pear and big calves

    Pear and big calves

Being a pear you are bottom heavy and so having larger calves makes it twice as important to wear clean and clutter free styles on your bottom and calf area. Stick to dark full tights, long trousers, no body hugging styles in trousers or skirts and choose a hemline that finishes on the smallest part of your leg (which is usually just below your knee). At the same time draw attention upwards by wearing colour, pattern, layers, volume and stiff fabrics that will add volume to your top half and therefore create visual balance with your lower half.


Clothes Guides: Calves

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