Debunking Fashion Lies and Design Myths

September 3, 2021
By Michaela Jedinak
Fashion is drip feeding you lies  and myths to keep you hooked and staying addictive to their news and products.
There’s so much confusion about what to wear- how to wear- what fashion is- what the fashion rules are- how to style yourself- what your wardrobe should have- what the investment buys are.
So you are jumping from one fashion purchase to the other- listening to different fashion voices and getting more confused and after spending thousands of pounds you come to the conclusion nothing seems to work.
You end up poorer and unhappier than before, because you start to think there must be something wrong with you and you are getting more insecure about yourself and self image?
❓Are you fed up of getting contradictory fashion advice from experts?
‼️Just like the tobacco industry lied to us about the dangers of cigarettes, the same untruths, cover-ups, and deceptive practices are occurring in the fashion industry.
❇️ Joy of Clothes is unlocking the truth and opens the lid on the lies we’ve been fed about the fashion we consume.
❇️ We are going to tell you all the fashion lies about trends ands styles.
❇️ We will show you the negative effects e.g. negative footprint, destruction of planet and wildlife and what our endless consumption and addiction is costing us. There is a negative price tag to everything. Only because it is hidden it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Fact is our planet is is hurting.

Michaela Jedinak

I have always been passionate about debunking fashion and design myths to challenge traditional retailers and designers ⁠
~to design better for the environment,
~for the people working in fashion
~and animal welfare

~ and with my courses and social media I want to empower consumers to look behind the curtain and see the effects on our health, the negative footprint and destruction of our environment we enable with our endless consumption and addiction for newness.

It is not enough talking about these issues, which are hurting the planet and ultimately us- but to take concrete and positive actions that will have a positive impact on us and the planet.⁠

✅ I will share here all my know & how and expertise, so you the have ability to see through these LIES & MYTHS that were created by the Fashion Industry to keep you needy, insecure, unhappy, dependent and hooked on them⁠.

‼️At this critical juncture of rising climate change, pollution, animal cruelty, fashion workers health as well ours, it is time to shift fashion’s narrative by challenging the current fashion practises and structures, the value of our products and how we manufacture them, basically re- evaluate the value proposition of fashion.⁠

The pressing questions arises – could it be our lack of knowledge and education on these issues , that drives us consumers to unsustainable behaviours and practices? In a world where FASHION and FAST FASHION has consumers hooked on consumptions – will the educator be the disrupter❓⁠

✅ Learn in my signature course all the dirty secrets the fashion industry doesn’t want you to know, so that they keep hooked, insecure and needy rather empower you with know how to make better and happier decisons for yourself and the planet.