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Shop the Blog - Paula Mendozo Beaded Serpent Style Inspired Jewellery!View Blog Post

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Shop the Blog - Perfect Spring With Victoria, Victoria Beckham!View Blog Post

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Shop the Blog - Raf Simmons Creates A Limited Edition For Adidas!View Blog Post

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Shop the Blog - SS14 It Bag- The FRINGE Bag!View Blog Post

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Wearing the clothes that flatter your body shape and colouring will help you look and feel your best everyday. That's the Joy of Clothes
It will only take a minute to create your model to represent your body shape and personal colouring and then you can virtually try on 1000's of styles of womens clothes in 100's of colours. You can then buy similar items with confidence.
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JOY OF CLOTHES gives women an exciting new way to discover and buy the clothes that flatter their body shape, eye skin and hair colour from a wide range of womens clothes retailers and fashion designers. Joy of Clothes' new and exclusive STYLE ME software enables you to create your own model based on your body shape and colouring, you can then "virtually try on" thousands of recommended styles and colours before clicking to buy similar styles online. Style Me makes it fun and easy for you to discover the colours, styles and trends which flatter your body shape and colouring and enable you to create a visual balance and colour harmony in your look. You will not only look and feel your best you will also save money by avoiding costly fashion mistakes.

I believe stylish dressing and savvy shopping takes strategy. You cannot hope to look your best by simply following the trend or buying what looks good on a model or celebrity.Joy of Clothes provides you with the tools and relevant advice to discover what to wear whatever your body shape, size , personal colouring ,age, style personality ,budget and location and whatever the occasion,the weather ,the activity or the trend Michaela Jedinak , Stylist and Founder Joy of Clothes

We are here to help you decide what to wear and what not to wear whatever your body shape, personal colouring, budget or occasion.

Michaela Jedinak’s dresses will make you look your best and feel great from desk to dinner. Shop Now