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The "Style Me" channel is the first step to create a personalised shopping experience. A series of step by step questions, simply illustrated, allows you to create your own avatar based on a set of seven body shapes and your own unique combination of eye, hair and skin colouring. You can then create, share and buy looks from over 3,000 clothes and accessories in over 100 different colours. Stylist, community and celebrity looks are available to inspire, adapt or buy...
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Style Me creates your own personalised shop window on the web. Unlike most retailers who only display their clothes on one idealised model all items available on Style Me are fitted and presented on seven body shapes and six skin colours so you can view how styles ,colours and trends will look on your body shape and personal colouring. You can try everything on or just items recommended by the Joy of Clothes Stylist. It's like having your own unbiased personal shopper and stylist always available to advise you on the trends, colours and styles that really suit you. The recommendations on what to wear and not to wear are based on the goal of achieving visual balance in your look rather than purely subjective view or automated algorithms.

Joy of Clothes takes the uncertainty out of buying online by allowing you to view just how styles and colours will look on you before buying. Just because something fits or is available in your size or favourite colour does not guarantee it will suit you. You may share looks with the Joy of Clothes community or friends via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.