STYLE ME, Your Personal Stylist

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The new ebook from Michaela Jedinak, personal stylist and founder of Joy of Clothes

STYLE ME, Your Personal Stylist

Once you adopt the principles of visual balance shared in this book you will discover how to dress your best every day

Michaela Jedinak

Book Description

STYLE ME, Your Personal Stylist, will show you how to create the illusion of a perfect figure whatever shape you are. You will discover what to wear for body shape and how to look younger and slimmer.

Dress with confidence. Create the illusion of a perfect figure.

A fully illustrated book on personal style helping you discover what to wear whatever your body shape.

Available on Amazon Kindle Available on Amazon Kindle
STYLE ME, Your Personal Stylist eBook

Chapters include:

Visual Balance

The best way to make the most of your natural beauty is to create visual balance in your overall look. This chapter introduces the concept and how it can be applied whatever your body shape, age or personality.

Visual Balance and your body shape:

The problem with understanding your body shape is that most women focus on a specific area (ie problem zones such as the tummy,arms,bottom etc) This chapter will help you see the whole picture which is the starting point to creating visual balance.

Rules for body balance:

How to create body balance whatever your bust,calves,bottom ore neckline.

Choosing the right pattern and fabric

It is important to know the fabric and pattern that works for your body shape, body feature and body size.

Style Lines

Style Lines allow you to create the illusion of balance and proportion.

Design Lines

Design lines can create an effective illusion of height , width, length and curves.

The issue about sizing

Why are you never the same size in different designers and retailers?

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