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What are the most popular wedding dress hemlines?

Which wedding dress hemline will flatter your body shape?

All wedding dress silhouettes can come in different hemlines from mini to above the knee, at knee, below the knee, midi, maxi or floor length. The rule of thumb is the more formal the wedding the longer is the hemline. But the hemline choice also depends on where you get married e.g. a registry office, church, beach or country wedding. The age of the brides is as well a factor since a mini dress or above the knee style won’t be best choice for a mature bride. The season is another consideration eg is it a summer or winter wedding. Also, the shape and size of women’s knee and calves are a factor. Meaning if you don’t have a pair of great legs then you should choose a longer hemline in your wedding dress that covers up your knees and calves. Last but not least your height is of importance as well when choosing the right hemline. The shorter you are the better you will be looking in longer hemlines to lengthen your build. At the same time when you are tall you can visually shorten your height with a shorter hemline.


Wedding line hemline overview








Tee length

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Table of wedding dress hemlines that go best with each body shape

•• these suggestions are generalized- there always exceptions to the rule

  Neat Hourglass Full Hourglass Pear Apple Inverted Triangle Lean Column Rectangle
Below the knee              
Knee length              
Midi length


Hemline definitions

Ankle length finishes off right at the ankles, which is a nice semi formal option.

Ballerina length is as the name suggests a full skirt finishing above the ankle and popular with outdoor weddings.

Below the knee is where the skirt finishes about 2-3 inches below the knee, which is favoured for semi formal weddings or for a registry office wedding.

Floor length reaches the floor on all sides and is often chosen for formal weddings.

Hilo length features an intermission on the front and a floor length hem at the back. This length adds always a bit of a vintage feel to the wedding gown.

Midi Length sits between the knee and the ankle, which gives the wedding dress a modern twist to a classic wedding dress.

Mini Length ends right on the mid thigh and suggests a casual wedding. Also this hemline is best left only to young brides who have a great pair of legs.

Knee length ends on the mid of the knee, which is considered an elegant and chic choice for a registry office wedding and a second wedding.

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