What are the most important wedding dress silhouettes

Which wedding dress silhouette is best for your body shape

It is important to know your body shape in order to find the right dress silhouette otherwise you won’t be able to create the right visual balance in your body shape. When speaking of the silhouette of the wedding dress it refers to the overall style of the dress. The skirt of the dress sets usually the mood for the entire wedding dress. The skirt shape ranges from traditional ball gowns, sheath dresses, empire styles to A-line shape-wedding dresses. Like most dress styles, the wedding dresses can be either a one-piece dress or separated – two piece wedding dress- bodice and skirt. But before getting ahead of yourself and choosing the one you always dreamed of wearing as a child or were inspired by a celebrity’s wedding dress you need to know first which wedding dress style, shape and silhouette will complement your build and body shape. You need to be first in the know before making and educated choice from all the options available to you.



Ball gown


Empire 1

Empire 2


Fish tail


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Glossary of the different wedding dress Silhouettes

A line Wedding Dresses are as their name suggests an “A-shaped” dress with vertical seams running from the shoulders or waist to a flared skirt- meaning narrow –at the top and wider at the bottom. But there are number of possible variations in the fullness of the skirt, the type of bodice as well the choice of fabric will produce different effects on the A-line frame. This shape is one of the most popular wedding dress styles of the 21st century. It makes as well a great choice for a separate or two piece wedding dress.

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses are the ultimate “Cinderella” style, which are not only the most traditional style of skirt but as well favoured by the romantic and young brides. The ball gown skirt shape comes in different styles and appearances and can go from a structured heavy to a soft and light looking skirt- simply depending on the choice of fabric. This skirt shape can be combined with high waist, mid waist, low waist or dropped waistline. In order to keep the skirts plumped out and full they are worn with a hooped underskirt.

Empire Wedding Dresses start just below the bust and flare out over the waist and hips to the bottom of the skirt. This skirt style can vary in the fullness of the skirt as well in the hemline. It all depends on the fabric and hemline preference.

Fishtail Wedding Dresses are similar to the mermaid wedding dress. The main difference is that the spray out in the back is not pleated and that the fishtail wedding dress has often a contrasting fabric at the back to create attention and to underline a feminine silhouette to simulate a fishtail.

Mermaid Wedding Dress is figure-hugging gown that is fitted on the top, goes in the waist and flares at the bottom of the skirt. This shape demands perfect proportions and curves since this dress won’t hide anything.

Sheath (or Shift) Wedding Dress is a slim style that goes straight from the shoulders, straight to the waist and from the waist straight to the hips and finishes straight at the bottom of the skirt. This style is a modern chic style and a very popular choice for going away and beach weddings.

Table of wedding dress silhouettes s that goes best with which body shape

•• these suggestions are generalized, there always exceptions to the rule

  Neat Hourglass Full Hourglass Pear Apple Inverted Triangle Lean Column Rectangle
A-line dress              
Ball Gown              
Sheath dress              
Empire dress 1              
Empire dress 2              
Mermaid dress              
Fishtail dress              

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