Style advice for choosing your bridal gown

How to select the wedding dress that makes you look and feel your best

The hunt for the perfect wedding gown can be exciting and at times exasperating, because you are presented with a world of options and the pressure to find “The One” can be great. But don’t worry there is a method on how to make the right wedding dress from all the wedding dress choices. It all starts with a honest self assessment of yourself. You need to know yourself before starting to search for your wedding dress. Otherwise you run the risk of buying a dress on the wrong foundations and may choose a beautiful gown which does not complement your body shape and body features. It is absolutely crucial to create the right visual balance in your wedding dress and wedding outfit by making the right choices for you. So, don’t get side tracked by following celebrity looks or something that you saw in a magazine or what is the latest trend in bridal fashion.

Take them instead as an inspiration on how you can personalise it to your body needs. Strive for your very own signature look rather being a bad copy of someone’s – especially on your wedding day. You want to create unique and lasting wedding moments and pictures that reflect you and your personal style rather than the association of someone else’s look who was the original and probably executed the look even better. Don’t set yourself up for these traps. Be the leading lady of your own wedding as well be your very own expert on what looks best on you. Keep in mind that the search for the perfect wedding dress is not about which one is making you look the thinnest or tallest or whatever ideal icon you aspire to. The perfect bridal gown will accentuate your best bits and that make you look and feel the most comfortable in your skin, so that on your wedding day you will feel confident about your wedding look.


True self-assessment for your wedding dress

A wedding gown is the most special- and perhaps- the most costly- dress you will ever wear. So, this is one crucial piece of advice before you look for the right shape of wedding dress. Always buy your wedding dress true to your size. Don’t buy it one or two sizes smaller, because you will tell yourself you will loose weight to fit in. The truth is you might or you might not and the problem is from the start you put yourself under pressure and stress about fitting into the dress. Secondly you don’t know how and where you will loose the weight. So, even if you lose weight the wedding dress still won’t fit or won’t look right because you lost the weight at the wrong places. Last but not least this whole dieting for fitting into your wedding dress doesn’t spark the right vibes to put you in a happy place. So, when you picture your wedding day, do picture a realistic image of yourself! Aim to be yourself and be the best version you can be on your wedding day in your wedding dress and outfit.

But before you start to feel overwhelmed, there’s no need to have a clothing crisis. Though there are thousands of gowns out there, you can find your ideal with a simple understanding of the elements of a wedding gown and how they come together – a dress is simply the sum of specific components. Each of these parts have their own characteristics and create visual effects which impacts the overall look and the extent to which the dress flatters your figure. Altogether these components create a unique and united individual style and form for your wedding dress.

As a result not every dress is equally suited to every bride. The right gown should spotlight your face and waist, and distract from less-than-perfect aspects. The key is to make your figure look well proportioned and visually balanced. Keep in mind that dressing right for your body shape has nothing to do with plus sizes. You can have an “Apple Body shape and be a size 8” as well a “ Neat Hourglass and be a size 12. It all comes down to your body features and proportions rather than your body weight!

Like any other type of clothing, wedding dresses are subject to fashion, but you need to ensure that the dress you choose is the right one for you.


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