How to find the wedding dress for your second wedding

Style advice for second time brides

Not every woman gets only married once in her life. So, when planning what to wear on your second wedding and the type of wedding dress to choose it seems like everyone one has an opinion on what is appropriate. Though there are many etiquettes existing like not wearing a white wedding dress for your 2nd wedding or not wearing your first wedding dress to your second wedding or of not having a big wedding for a second time or buying only a wedding dress that you can wear afterwards as well - the bottom line it is all irrelevant.


What really matters for your second wedding is first of all that your wedding dress suits you, your body shape, body features and secondly reflects the current you. You start with following the same dress guideline on how to find the perfect wedding dress for you as for your first wedding dress. Naturally you will come to a different dressing code. Simply because you are now a different person then you were when you got married the first time around. Your body shape and body features might be different now and even if that is not the case your personality, your life style will be a different one and you have gained more knowledge and learned more lessons in life. As the saying goes – “ you will be older and wiser”. Meaning at your second wedding you are a more grown up and experienced version of yourself than at your first wedding. And to me this key to incorporate when remarrying. It needs to feel and look the current and at its best when walking down the aisle for the second time. Many brides make the mistake and try to go back in time by trying to portrait a younger self by choosing a wedding dress style that is too “young for them in style and theme” e.g. by choosing a too romantic wedding dress with too many ruffles or too much tulle or revealing too much skin or going for a too long wedding train or too big wedding veil. It is really a bad look and wedding choice, because it simply shows you have not moved on and it is too much of the same. Best is to go for something different and always to choose a more mature version on your second wedding than on our first wedding, so it feels like natural personal development and personal growth.

Plus you need to consider as well the wishes of your groom. It might be your second wedding, but it maybe his first. Therefore you need to compromise on what feels right and appropriate for the both of you.

The only thing I agree is a no no when you are getting married for the second time is wearing your first wedding dress to your second wedding. If it is question of money and budget I suggest you alter it and colour it in a different white or icy colours like blue or wear your best dress and accessorise it with a fascinator or with suitable hat.

Wedding dress ideas for the second wedding:

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