How to choose your wedding shoes

The best bridal shoes for your wedding day

Though most brides won’t openly admit it but the most important factor when choosing your shoes is comfort, before style and looks. You don’t want to run the risk of hobbling around because your feet feel swollen or because you got blister due to a tight fit. This is a day when you really do not want to run a risk- as most of the day you will be on your feet and giving your feet a serious workout with all the dancing at the wedding reception. Considering the workout you are going to you’re your feet that day, you should ensure that you can walk in them with ease and grace. Also, the test run will give away if your shoes will make any funny or weird sound effects when walking in them - it certainly should be avoided when walking down the aisle. Therefore it is absolutely crucial that you break in your shoes before your wedding day, so you can ensure best comfort and fit on your big day.


Next factor to comfort you should be thinking which shoe type will suit your legs, calves, wedding dress and occasion. In the event you are wearing a long full-length dress it really doesn’t matter which type of shoe you are wearing. Many women are opting even for white wedding trainers, so they feet are prepared for the wedding marathon. If you need the height choose a wedge option, which is as well a good choice for country and garden weddings. Any form of stiletto heels no matter high, medium or short will bring you in danger either to stumble in the gravel, trip or break your heel on the gravel and sink in deep in the grass. If you are choosing a shorter hemline you need to think of your knee and calf size when choosing your wedding shoes. Many brides choose as well two pair of wedding shoes. One of the ceremony and one for the reception, which is a great idea because you get the best out of all worlds as well give you feet a break not keeping them for the whole time in the same set of wedding shoes. Another thing to remember is, that heels are like the visual extension of your leg line, so if you have big knees or calves a small heel or stiletto will simply visually make them appear bigger. So it is best to choose a bigger or a wedge heel to create visual balance in your body shape and wedding look.

The same goes for ankle straps, which should be only a bridal choice option for women with a good pair set of legs. When choosing open sandals don’t spoil it by unpedicured foot nails or having a big nylon seam going across the toes. As well don’t forget to take them along to bridal fitting, so you don’t run the risk that the wedding hemline is either too short or too long when wearing your wedding shoes. And do be careful with embellished shoes since there is always the danger that wedding dress and wedding shoe catch each other- at best it will be annoying throughout the day but at worst it will trip you up!

Overview of wedding shoes choices

Ankle strap

Ballet slipper



Mary Jane 






Sling back

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Glossary of wedding shoes

As much as it is tempting to choose wedding shoes as an outlet for expressing your personal styles, do resist and choose wisely with an educated understanding of the day ahead. Your feet will be in action for most the day, so give them the right tools and styles to perform to their best.

Wedding Ankle Strap shoes have as the name says a strap going around their ankle, which can be a single or double one as well it can be anything from delicate to chunky. The heel choices vary as well. In general it will lend a modern touch to your wedding outfit.

Wedding Ballet Slipper is a flat soft satin shoe in the shape of a ballerina shoe, which often has embellishment at the top of the shoe e.g. buckle, gem, crystal, pearls. The ballerina slipper is more of a romantic and playful wedding style choice.

Wedding Flat is a shoe of no more than ½ inch of height. The toe can be pointed, rounded or square. Best to choose the one that creates overall visual balance in your body shape. Ideal for country, beach or outdoor weddings.

Wedding Mary Jane is a retro and vintage inspired shoe that has a round toes show with a single strap across the instep. Usually they come with a bigger heel and provide great comfort and fit on the wedding day.

Wedding Mule is slip-on of a shoe without a back strap or Achilles support this shoe option should only be used as 2nd pair of wedding shoe, meaning to give your feet a rest after a long day. They are simply an unpractical choice as well tend to make a lot of sound effect when walking in them.

Wedding Pumps are a classic wedding shoe choice and are most popular with brides. It is a closed toe shoe with a medium to high heel and can come as well as wedding platform shoe, which has big thick sole in the front

Wedding Sandals are an open toe shoe with straps going across the toes. The heels vary from low to high. Though they are ideal for warm weather they need to be chosen with caution since the straps can cut in heavily into your skin after a long day.

Wedding Sling backs usually they are the shape of a pump in the front but fasten with a strap at the back of the Achilles. It is an elegant and lady like choice and best for shorter wedding hemlines and often chosen for the registry wedding or 2nd wedding.

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