How to choose your wedding headpiece

What headpiece to wear on your wedding day

After you have chosen your veil you need to decide if you need and want to wear a headpiece- and if yes, which one will go best with your veil, face shape, wedding dress, style personality, body shape as well with your hair. In short your wedding headpiece should coordinate all the body and wedding dress style elements and characteristics. It should pull it all together.


So, after that has been set and done you need to assess the condition of your hair and hair cut. What is the length of your hair? Do you have thin or thick? Once you have answered these questions you will know what type of wedding styles and wedding hair styles are possible. Once you have decided which hairstyle you will be going for you need to assess then the available head pieces – meaning which will be the most suitable for your hairstyle, matching your wedding outfit reflecting the wedding theme but also if your hair can carry a head piece. Keep in mind that if you have thin hair that heavy headpieces will be very tricky to attach since they need volume to sit and fit. Once you have chosen a wedding head piece you need to ensure you can move with in it as well that it is properly attached, so it doesn’t fall or slip off when you are walking, moving your head or bending over. Don’t forget as well that the headpiece should be comfortable to wear. Your wedding day will be a long day and you don’t want to run any risk of ruining by feeling discomfort in your headpiece. Another decision you should think of is if you like to wear your headpiece through to the reception. So, if your veil is attached to the headpiece you need options to remove the veil later after the wedding ceremony or choose a smaller headpiece for comfort and fit or replace it with a second choice of headpiece for the reception time e.g. with a comb, smaller headpiece, pearls, flowers etc.

In general back pieces work with any face shape, while headbands and tiaras need to be chosen appropriately for your face shape, while combs and flower decorations are great choices for a low maintenance wedding look. While wedding hats are good options for short haired women and second time brides.

Overview of head pieces

Back piece





Half crown


Juliette cap





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Glossary of headpieces

Wedding Back piece is most often a comb or barrette that fastens at the back of the head. The veil can be attached – or detached if needed-and suits every bride no matter the body shape, face shape or neckline. The back piece can be decorated with flowers, pearls or beads.

Wedding Bun wrap encircles a bun or an up do at the back of the head. This style is mostly favoured by the classical bride.

Wedding Comb can sit on the side or on the top of the head as well as at the back of the head. It is often adorned with beads and flowers. They are simple styles that can be worn with almost any hairstyle. A comb-veil combination makes having a second look for the reception easy.

Wedding Crown is a full circular jewellery headpiece that sits on top of the head and can be embellished with beads, pears, stones and gems.

Wedding Double Headbands is similar to the single wedding band, but can be more playful and youthful in their style element. So, in my opinion they are best for less formal weddings and best left to younger brides.

Wedding Half Crown is naturally smaller that the full crown, but usually sits higher on the head than a tiara. Normally it is half of the size, which can be as well adorned with beads, jewels, pearls, stones and gems.

Wedding Headbands vary in width and follow closely the shape of the head. They are popular bridal choices, because they are of low maintenance as well effortless to wear. Plus they add a touch of chic and elegance to your wedding look and are versatile to any bridal hair choice.

Wedding Hairpins are also very versatile and are great options for any hairstyle, whether formal or tussled, up or down. The hairpins are often bejewelled and can be worn either alone or scattered for an overall glittery look.

Wedding Juliet Cap is a small vintage inspired round cap that sits tightly on top of head -usually it is embellished. The most famous one and as well worn to perfection was by Grace Kelly on her wedding day.

Wedding Snood is a delicate netted or knitted piece of fabric that closes in the hair at the back of the head. It adds a retro and vintage like touch to your wedding gown and is favoured by women who prefer a historical theme wedding.

Wedding tiara is similar to the half crown but lower in height and sits in a semi circle on top of the head. Most of the time tiaras are made out of crystals and pearls. For sure they offer the most dramatic look, and work with everything from simple sheath dresses to traditional ball gowns. They are also versatile since they can be worn with of without a veil and with any bridal hair.

Wedding Wreath is known as well at the “Garland” and is a full circle of flowers, twigs, leaves, ribbons, and pearls attached to the top of the head. It always indicates a romantic wedding style and is as well a favourite for beach, country and bohemian style weddings.

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