How to choose your wedding gloves

What wedding gloves to wear

Today there are no rules or formal etiquette requirement to wear gloves for your wedding day. It is simply a bride’s personal preference whether she chooses to wear them or not. It certainly adds a classic elegance and an air of grace to your wedding look.

Historically the etiquette for weddings required for everyone to wear gloves from bride to wedding guest. The Victorians were the ones who were setting the trend for glove fashion. In the past brides wore wedding gloves to symbolise their social status, which basically meant she was not subject of hard and physical labour. The glove fashion had a comeback in the 1930s and 1940s to wear gloves for formal parties and wedding. While for the today’s bride it’s a fashion statement and about creating an image to be a princess for the day- simply reflecting her special day in her life.


Wedding gloves come in all colours, lengths and styles as well in a variety of fabrics such as silk, satin and lace. When choosing your perfect wedding gloves make sure they match and complement your wedding dress in colour and style. Traditionally the wedding gloves are coming in the shades of white such as pure white, cream, off white and ivory. The length of the gloves can be related to the formality of the wedding, but usually it is simply a style question to complete the bride’ wedding look. The general rule is the more elaborate the wedding dress is the more classic in style the wedding gloves must be and the more classic and simple the wedding dress is the more style details you can add to the wedding gloves.

Some general glove style rules

  • The length of your wedding gloves need to complement your wedding dress sleeve length
  • Never wear wedding gloves with a long sleeve
  • Avoid wearing gloves when you have bigger upper arms
  • Wear over- the –elbow gloves with a strapless wedding dress
  • Wear an elbow-length glove with a strapless or cap sleeve wedding dress
  • Wear a wrist-length glove with short sleeved wedding dresses
  • The wedding dress gloves can meet the sleeve of your wedding dress but never go over or cover the sleeve of your wedding dress
  • Don’t wear them for beach wedding - it doesn’t go with the theme
  • Practice removing your gloves before the wedding, so there is a smooth transition when you take them off to exchange rings.
  • Usually you should be wearing them for special dances as with your father and groom
  • And is never expectable to eat while wearing your gloves

Overview of the most common gloves styles

Wedding gloves come in different arm lengths and it order to enhance your wedding look in style and elegance it is crucial to choose the right pair otherwise you will over clutter your look and only create a less flattering wedding look.



Short gloves

Over the elbow gloves

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Glossary of the most common gloves styles

Wedding Elbow Glove ends just above the elbow and can feature between 6-10 buttons depending on the length of your arm.

Wedding Fingerless Glove is a fingerless glove that comes in different lengths. This style is ideal for exchanging rings.

Wedding short gloves cover the hands only and mostly chosen by brides for informal or semi – formal weddings.

Wedding over the elbow gloves extends to the upper arm and is the most formal glove choice, which is often embellished up to 16 buttons.

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