How to choose the right Underpinnings for your wedding dress

What lingerie, hosiery and underpinnings to wear under your wedding gown

Once you have chosen your wedding dress, wedding veil and wedding shoes it is time to think of your undergarments known as well as underpinnings. When choosing the right underpinnings remember there is no style without a fit. Think of it that your underpinnings are the foundation of a great fit and wedding silhouette. Your underpinnings don’t have to match your body shape, but they have to fit your body features perfectly to create the right support and comfort for a perfect wedding silhouette. In order to avoid any unflattering looks, discomfort in wearing the more tugging on you must ensure to get them in the right style, size and shape for your body features. Remember your underpinnings are on a mission- to improve fit and silhouette on the day and importantly should not been see at any stage and time on your wedding day. So, my advice take them along to your bridal fitting as well wear them at home for a day to see how they make you feel as well if you will feel enough comfortable of wearing them on your wedding day. We all love beautiful and a bit of sassy underpinnings especially on your wedding day with the thought of your wedding night. But advice make a practical choice over a stylish one for your wedding day and keep a second pair of underpinning for your wedding night. And please don’t wear anything what you have worn before. It is the wrong day for testing out new underpinning styles.


How to choose the right bra for your wedding dress

Today you can find any type of bra to go with any type of wedding dress. You can choose from a strapless, frontless, under wired, backless, halter neck, reducing or push-up bra. The right choice of a wedding bra is based on your comfort level, on your wedding neckline, on the back of your wedding dress and your wedding fabric. Many popular dresses are either strapless, often with a straight or sweetheart neckline. Strapless bras are a great choice for many wedding dresses because of their plunging neckline. A backless bra that hooks at the waist is best for halter neck style or low cut back wedding dresses. When choosing wired bras make sure that they give you the right support but as well a comfort level by not cutting into you. Be careful with choosing beaded or heavily laced bras, which might show through your wedding dress. And watch out for your bra straps stay in place and don’t move around by showing up on your shoulder line or neckline or making you feel uncomfortable because they are cutting into you or because they will show through the wedding gown. So, best is not to run the risk and choose a bra in a nude or same wedding white colour as your wedding dress as well to sewn the strap into the wedding bodice to guarantee the best fit. Better safe then sorry.

Another strapless option for shaping is the corset. Some corsets (with real boning) lace up in back and can look exquisite under wedding dress. They come in different necklines and colours, provide extra shaping for a feminine silhouette. In the case you are wearing a heavily corseted wedding dress you may get away of not needing a bra, which is certainly the exception to the rule!

How to choose your hosiery for your wedding day

When choosing the right hosiery consider your wedding dress style, the season as well the formality of your wedding. There is a type for any style and occasion from sheer-to waist to control tights to body shaper hosiery. The higher the denier the more formfitting and form shaping is the hose as well more suitable for colder months. Also, the higher the denier the less likely you will get a run in your hose, which simply adds another stress level and worry on the day of your wedding. Brides who like to wear hosiery tend to express their style personality by choosing a glamorous style or ladylike lace or a classic look with a simple sheer hose or show off their romantic side by choosing a hose with bow patterns. Brides who prefer the sheer option will choose their wedding hose with a tint of gold or glimmer or shine to add a bit of sparkle to their wedding look.

Overview of popular underpinnings

As mentioned before your wedding day is not the day where you experiment with new styles but it is the day where you wear what you know and makes you feel best. So, that you can get and achieve maximum support from your underpinnings.

All in one

Bras demi






Slip dress

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Glossary of the most popular underpinnings

Wedding all in one is the ultimate foundation underwear. It combines a bra and girdle all in one. It is a brilliant choice for form, shape fitting as well for creating a feminine silhouette at the wedding ceremony, but might restrict you a lot at the wedding reception when you like to move around more freely. All in ones are great for holding all in, but can cause discomfort wearing it throughout the day

Wedding bra/demi bra is a shaped undergarment that molds and supports the breast. As mentioned above they come in a variety of shapes and functions.

Wedding bustier is a tight fitting – often strapless that reaches out to the waist. It is a combination of a bra and a waist cincher - a blessing for pulling tummies in. They are held together in place with boning or elastic or stretch fabrics.

Wedding corset is strapless and sleeveless and have a boned foundation with the option to lace it up in the front or back to define your figure. They are popular bridal choices for mermaid, fishtail, ball gown and separate wedding gowns.

Wedding petticoat called as well Wedding Crinoline is a full and stiff underskirt to hold out the overskirt and give it more fullness. Nowadays it is popular with brides to choose their wedding petticoat in their favourite colour or integrate the wedding colour theme into their wedding dress.

Wedding girdle known to most people’s grandmothers is an undergarment designed to mold the lower torso and upper legs. They tucking stomach, bottom and thighs and are a great choice for fitted wedding dresses.

Wedding suspenders is a bridal foundation bustier that is intended to smooth the waist and stomach area while also pushing up the bust. It also has garter straps attached for wearing it with stockings.

Wedding slip dress is a smooth body-forming garment to sculpt the tummy, bottom and legs. Again a great choice to great a wedding silhouette for the reception, but can be very restricting and unconformable to wear it through to the wedding reception.

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