How to choose the perfect wedding dress for your body shape

What is the most flattering wedding gown for your body type?

We women come in all different shapes and sizes and even if we share the same dress size we still come in different interpretations. That means that the same wedding dress can’t and won’t look on all of us the same, because we might not share the same build and body shape. There is no such thing as an international sizing system- wedding dress designers are inspired by their muse and wedding dress retailers are designing dresses for their idealized customers. That means it is up to the bride to know which wedding dress silhouette complements your body shape. The goal of finding the right one is about creating visual balance in your body shape and look, because this will build and create attention and focus on your body features strengths rather your body features weaknesses. Keep in mind when choosing wedding dress features, your dress fabric and embellishments as they create body attention and focus and if it is the wrong one they will add visual volume to your body shape, which means they will make you look visually fuller because they are cluttering the wrong body features!


Overview of the seven body shapes

When assessing yourself and understanding which body shape you are, do not focus on a specific “problem area” e.g. tummy, neck, calves, arms, bottom, thighs etc), which can cloud your judgment when it comes to seeing the whole picture. It's important to view yourself as a whole so that you can define your body shape.

  • The Inverted Triangle

    The Inverted Triangle

  • The Lean Column

    The Lean Column

  • The Rectangle

    The Rectangle

  • Apple

    The Apple

  • The Pear

    The Pear

  • The Neat Hour Glass

    The Neat Hour Glass

  • The Full Hour Glass

    The Full Hour Glass


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Overall dressing guide for each body shape

  • Neat Hourglass Body shape
    The Neat Hourglass is considered the most perfect body shape, because it is the most balanced one. That means they can wear more or less what they like. Having said they still need to dress towards what is age and occasion appropriate. This body shape will look best in wedding dresses that are form fitting and body shaped, so it can follow their body lines to show off their perfect body proportions.
  • Full Hourglass Body Shape
    This body shape is similar to the Neat Hourglass Body shape. The difference is that they have a fuller bust and hips, which makes them curvier. That means they look best in wedding dress that highlights their curves without adding any bulk, clutter and volume around their fuller and feminine curves.
  • Pear Body Shape
    The general challenge with this body shape is that they are one to two sizes smaller on the top than on the bottom, which can make it a bit tricky finding a wedding dress that fits on the top as well on the bottom right. This body shape needs to choose a wedding gown that balances their broader bottom with their narrower shoulders in order to create visual balance.
  • Apple Body shape
    Generally this body shape has a fuller bust and a fuller tummy, which results in a small or no waistline. The Apple body shape has their fullest point in their middle part, so they need to choose a wedding dress that keeps the attention in the top and lower thirds.
  • Inverted Triangle Body Shape
    Your body shape guideline is in the exact opposite direction to pear body shape. You have a broader top than bottom. So, you need to choose a wedding dress that doesn’t make you look any more broader on your upper part, but instead keep all the attention and drama on your bottom half in order to create body balance in our body shape.
  • Lean Column Body Shape
    This body shape is lacking of female curves in the bust and hip area and has either no waist or only a very small waist definition. Therefore this body shape thrives on clutter and volume that makes them look fuller around their bust, arm and hip area to create the illusion of female curves and balanced silhouette in the bust, waist and hip area.
  • Rectangle Body Shape
    This body shape is lacking of a waist definition. Therefore they need to create the illusion of a waist and avoid any fitted waist styles in their wedding dresses in order to create the perfect visual balance in their body shape, which simply would only underline their boxy waistline.

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