How to choose the dress for the maid of honor

What to wear if you are the maid of honor at a wedding

The style guide on how to find the best maid of honor dress is almost the same as for the bridesmaids. The only difference is that it will be slightly more personalised to highlight her special position among the other bridesmaids. The choice in the style difference varies from wedding to wedding and is very much depending on the theme of wedding as well which personalised style the bride prefers to wear on the wedding day. Some choose to have a different shade in their dress other will add a sash, or gloves or a tiara to their maid of honors dress.


The role of the Maid of Honour (called Matron of Honour if she is married) is similar to that of the best man, with the difference being that her duties are related to the bride.

Like the best man, the Maid of Honour must be the closest friend or relative, this time, to the bride. The closer to the bride she is, the stronger the bond and understanding between each other.

The Maid of Honour’s main role is to help the bride in planning her wedding and being the bride’s “consultant”. She must assist the bride constantly throughout the entire planning process, especially during the stressful times close to the wedding day. As well she will be expected to work hand-in-hand with the Best man.

Here is a style guide how to find the best dresses for your maid of honour:

  • What is her body shape?
  • What is their height?
  • What are her best body features and which ones she feels less good about them?
  • What is her age?
  • What is her dominant colour? Which define her best colour palette for maid of honor dress.
  • Comfort is key since she has many responsibilities and duties on the wedding. Therefore she should have a say what style, colour and fabric she likes best.
  • Generally it is best if the bride covers the cost for the maid of honor dress considering all the work and time she puts in before the wedding and on the wedding day.
  • The maid of honor dress needs to reflect wedding location, wedding them and the season of the wedding day
  • Ensure best fit by attending the dress fitting
  • Maid of honor shoes- best is always to keep them in the same colour as the other bridesmaids to keep some unity in wedding party look, but they can vary in style or heel height and/ or style to suit her style personality or taste.

Dress ideas for the maid of honor:

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Duties of the maid of honour before the wedding:

  • Organise the Hen’s Party, often with the help of the bridesmaids.
  • Help the bride shop for her wedding dress and the wedding party's outfits.
  • Writing with the wedding invitations
  • Help to find the shop(s) for the wedding guest list
  • On the wedding day, help the bride and the bridesmaids get dressed.
  • Help the bride in and out of the wedding car, taking care of the dress and veil.

Wedding Ceremony and reception duties:

  • Hold the bride's bouquet during the wedding ceremony.
  • Coordinate the bridesmaids.
  • Stand next to the bride and, if there is no ring bearer, hold the groom's wedding ring until the exchange of rings.
  • Adjust the bride's dress and veil when needed.
  • Collect any gifts presented by guests.
  • Help the bride during the photo shoots.
  • Help to arrange all the wedding gifts
  • Keep a list which guest gave which gift
  • Help the bride change into her going-away outfit.

Duties after the wedding:

  • Take care of the wedding dress.
  • Collect all the wedding gifts and keep them save until the couple is back from the honeymoon
  • Help to write the THANK YOU cards to all wedding guests including thanking them for their wedding gifts

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