How do find the perfect wedding dress even if you are pregnant

Style advice for Pregnant Brides

You are getting married and you are pregnant. It can be quite daunting for a pregnant bride to find the perfect wedding dress that fits her on her wedding day. While the non-pregnant bride has “only” to follow strict the wedding dress guide to find her perfect wedding dress a pregnant bride has a much more difficult task ahead of herself. She needs to calculate different dress variables when planning her wedding day. Starting with the most important question “ how far along they will be on the day of their wedding.


Get your wedding dress sizing chart right!

Sizing is key and the problem here is, that you never know and can never perfectly predict how your body will change as well where you will have weight gain e.g. arms, neck, legs, bust. Also, every bride’s baby bump is different in size and shape in the different months. So, my advice is measure you bust size as soon as you planning on which wedding maternity wedding dress you would like to choose. This will allow you to see where you currently fall on a dress size charts. Keep in mind that different wedding designers and wedding dress retailers have a different size chart, because they have their own muses or wedding dress customers in mind when designing their maternity wedding dresses. So, you need to find out early which size you are in the shortlisted wedding dress designers or retailers. Then, add one inch for each month that remains between now and the wedding. With that new number, see where you now fall on the size chart, and go up one more size. This way you will be assured that your wedding dress won’t be too small on the day of your wedding. It simply needs to be altered and fitted to your body shape closer to your wedding day to give you the perfect fit and wedding silhouette. So, look out for wedding retail suppliers that carry out alterations as close to the wedding as possible or if you can hire a seamstress to do the last minute alterations. Otherwise if you can afford it try to find a maternity wedding dress designer, who will make the dress individually and leave the alterations until as late as possible.

Hide or show off your baby bump?

The next challenge is what maternity dress style to choose for your baby bump. Don't settle for anything that looks frumpy or makes you feel uncomfortable or not good about yourself. Before deciding on the wedding dress you have to ask yourself if you like to show off your baby bump or hide it (if still possible) Naturally the more fitted versions are the ones which will put the biggest focus on your baby bump.

Here are some tips wedding styling tips for pregnant brides.

  • An Empire maternity wedding dress is best. This Empire wedding dress can have different finishes e.g. fitted or A- line versions, shift dress or simply loose wedding dress styles.
  • V necks are great to elongate your neckline and body as well counter balance your rounder silhouette
  • Accentuate your shoulders to avoid sloping shoulders and to get the best body silhouette and balance.
  • Sashes are often favoured to highlight the bride’s baby bump. Best to choose them in a different colour to make the most of it.
  • The maternity wedding dress needs to have “visually a naturally flow” to look at its best. Therefore avoid corsets or any other similar constricting wedding dress styles.
  • Most pregnant brides will need a supporting bra. For the best comfort on your wedding day I suggest you sew it into your wedding dress.
  • Don’t choose fashion over comfort in your wedding shoes. As a pregnant bride you don’t only carry more weight on your feet, but you might be as well suffer of swollen ankles. So, best to avoid wedding shoes with high heels and tight fitting that will cut into your feet.
  • Last not least- don’t be shy of wearing white! It is really no longer a social taboo.

Wedding dress ideas for pregnant brides:

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