Women 50 Plus Fashion Advice

Fashion and style is not a matter of age but a question about how to balance your personal colouring with the clothes you wear. Women over 50 are likely to know their style and feel confident in their skin. So, why not let it shine through with an elegant and self assured style? When it comes to looking good, it's not your size or shape that matters, but the fit of your clothes, wearing the right colours for your colouring and how you put your colours together, so that they complement you.

Wear the right colours

Dressing in the right colours is an ideal way to look younger, healthier, groomed and more energised without having to resort to drastic measures. Your personal colouring is based on your dominant colour, which is based on your skin, eye and hair colour. So, each time you make changes to your hair (even as little as highlights or lowlights) this will change the colour you can wear near your face.

Dress with the right style and fit

To know the right fit for you, you'll need to know your body shape, your proportion and scale. This will help to create the best foundation for your clothes, underwear and accessories. What matters is to work creatively with your body to maximise all your good points and minimize your bad ones. When choosing clothes, your aim is to create the illusion of having a balanced body. Golden rule: Never finish any part of a garment at the widest point of your body.


Style according to your life style and personality

Your wardrobe should reflect your lifestyle, and, most importantly, your personality. You want the clothes you are wearing to be an extension of yourself and make you feel great.

Hair style and make up will pull your look together

Once you know your face shape it will give you guidance on what haircut, make up, eyebrow shape and earrings suit you best. Nothing is more dating than wearing the same make up at 50 as you did when you were 25 - your style of make up and the way you apply it should change as you mature. A good skin care regime and a healthy lifestyle, together with the right clothes, colours and style are essential for looking good and feeling confident.

Keep your look current

It is crucial to have a workable wardrobe with timeless basics, so that you can update your clothes easily each season with nice accessorises e.g. shoes, bags, scarves or jewellery. Nothing is more aging than wearing items which were in fashion last season. That goes for your make up and hair style too. Try to keep your look current.

Dress appropriate for age and occasion

Make sure your dress code is always right for the occasion and for your age. You don't have to hide your best assets but you need to be careful about how to show them off.


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