The right swimwear for your body

Before you can go out buying the swim outfit you fell in love with you need to understand what works best for you, so that you can identify the fashion trends that work with you and not against you.


Straight bodylines look better in geometric designs whilst florals work best on curvy figures. It's also important to remember the scale of the pattern. Many swimwear designers go over the top and use large scale patterns; whilst these might look fantastic on the peg, no matter what your body shape they'll add pounds.

Show off your bust

Women with a small bust are good with details such as patterns or details e.g. bows, knots, accessories around the bust line. Also, bigger tops are best to enlarge them. Women with a good bust should opt for types that are nicely fitted around the bust without any fuss. Women with a large bust should opt for solid colours rather than patterns.


Lovely legs

If you want to give the impression of longer legs choose a bikini or costume with a high cut leg which will draw attention to the fullest part of your thigh.

It's all in the detail

Rectangles with little definition will look great in one-piece suits with some hip or bust details. If you are pear shaped go styles with detail above the waistline, don't be tempted to wear something with a skirt or frill as it will draw attention to your hips. If you are a triangle avoid halter neck styles it will just draw attention to your broader shoulder line.

Full bust

Extra support and some sexy cleavage is the aim of the game! Halter neck bikinis are a great way to give you some lift and allow you to make adjustments for personal fit. Also look for underwire tops that add extra.

Small bust

Tops with bold prints and vibrant colours are all the rage and look amazing on your figure. Accentuate and highlight your bust line with padding, underwire and adjustable straps so you can adjust your suit and get a great fit.


Coverage is key if you want to downplay your midsection. Look for monokinis and tankinis that best suit your shape. If you are pregnant or have just had a baby, a great option is to look for a tankini with a soft tie in the back. This allows you to adjust as your tummy expands or decreases in size while getting the perfect tan on your back! Opt for solid colour and less is more, so avoid patterns or multi-colouring in your outfit.

Full hips and thighs

Focus on elongating your legs. In order to accomplish this you must select bottoms that are cut high on the thigh and dip slightly lower in front. Tie side bottoms are great for this because not only do they cut high on the side, they also allow you to make adjustments for the perfect fit. Also look for scoop and V-front bottoms. Accessorize with fun wraps, cover-ups and skirted bottoms!

Full derriere

Aim to balance your figure by accentuating your upper body and minimizing your lower end. A great way to visually broaden your shoulders is to select suits with a straight neckline. And don't think of skirted bottoms as matronly! Today's styles are both cute and functional. Skirted bottoms are a flirty way to add some coverage. Remember to always use darker colours in areas you are less comfortable with.

Small Derriere

Add some sexy curves to your shape! Look for Brazilian cut bottoms that are cut low on the hips and narrow in the back. This is the perfect situation where less is more!

Short Torso

Lengthen your torso by finding a bikini bottom that sits low on your hips. Avoid boy shorts and skirted bikinis. Combining a solid bottom and printed top will draw the eye upward and lengthen your shape.

Long Torso

You can go wild with embellishments of the hips and bust line! Look for super bright colours and horizontal stripes to balance your shape. Tankinis and monokinis are a great way to break up the torso and give you a shorter appearance. Also try the new style this season - wrap tops.


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