Choosing the colour of your car

While selecting the type of car comes easily to most people, making a decision on the colour of a car can be a stumbling block. Some people simply go with their favourite colour, while others mull over colour choices by considering factors such as climate, type of vehicle use, or the most practical choice, going with what is least likely to show dirt.

Colour and Design

Certain makes of car look best in a certain colour and country.

Think about these colours: white is ok for delivery vans but does it look right on a sports car in the UK? How do you feel about an orange or white Porsche or yellow Ferrari in the UK? Do you feel different when you see those in Spain or California? How do feel about a black Porsche in Spain? Too dark? Feel more for a brighter colour? Bright colours suit sports cars and hot hatches ( but as well depending in which country we live and drive them), but do they look as good on executive cars, where silver, dark navy or black is usually the colour of choice?


Colour Matters

Today, you can get virtually any colour, but look around a car park and you'll realise we're still rather conservative in our tastes.

Blue, red and silver AA research shows that six out of ten new cars are blue, red or silver. Only one in ten of us choose green or white, while only one in a hundred choose yellow, turquoise and pink.

And because we're conservative about colour, the manufacturers are, too. Blue, red and silver are a safe bet for them. In fact, many car manufacturers now offer up to four shades of silver on each model, to ensure the colour's continued popularity.

Top 10 Colours for Cars

  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. Silver
  4. Green
  5. White
  6. Black
  7. Grey
  8. Gold
  9. Mauve
  10. Yellow

Source: the AA

What does your car colour say about you?

  • Silver - Elegant, loves futuristic looks, cool
  • White - Perfectionist, loves new, neat and clean things
  • Vibrant Red - Head strong, sexy, courageous, high-energy and dynamic
  • Blue (Light, Mid & Dark) - Trustworthy, authorative, calm, faithful, quiet, credible, confident, dependable and traditional
  • Taupe, Light & Dark brown - Looks for compfort & likes cosy things. Down to earth amd no nonsense
  • Black - Timeless. Loves elegance, appreciates expensive look, conservative and sophisticated
  • Grey (Light, Medium & Dark) - Modern, practical and neutral
  • Green - Tolerant, trustworthy, well-balanced, positive and environmental friendly
  • Yellow Gold - Intelligent, warm, loves comfort and will pay for it
  • Sunshine Yellow - Sunny disposition, lively, joyful and young at heart
  • Orange - Socialable, Fun loving, talkative and trendy
  • Deep Purple - Creative, individualistic, original, nobel and spiritual


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