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Your Dominant Colour: Warm

How to wear your colour palette?

Your overall look is warm. To achieve harmony and balance you need to wear shades that have a yellow or golden undertone - you'll always look best in colours that are medium in depth, rather then light or deep. Make use of white and cool colours to lift this colour palette.


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Warm Dominant Colour in the blog

  • Deep Coral – the colour to welcome spring!

    Feb 22, 2012 Deep Coral – the colour to welcome spring! Dressing in deep coral feels fresh and chic- and ready for spring and warm weather.  Deep coral is a vivid hue gives the dress a just enough punch to make it feel new and yet contemporary and feminine. Wearing coral was said to bring good luck. In ancient times, witches were reported to use coral

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  • Golden Globe Red Carpet 2012: Best Dressed women!

    Jan 16, 2012 Golden Globe Red Carpet 2012: Best Dressed women! My top 4 best dressed list is: 1. Angeline Jolie in Versace She absolutely nailed it in her choice of dress, hairstyle and accessories. It it is current- because of its colour block- it is fresh – because of the choice of colours- it is feminine & sophisticated- because it shows her neat hourglass figure

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