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Your Dominant Colour: Deep

How to wear your colour palette?

To achieve harmony and balance, you need to wear strong dark colours near your face either together or in contrast. Contrast these with lighter or brighter shades from your palette.

Wear two dark colours, or light and dark, but never two light colours. (Unless you have long dark hair and you wear it down. Your hair will be a substitute for the darker garment.)


What is your Dominant Colour?

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Deep Dominant Colour in the blog

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    Mar 22, 2014 Dress in pink for special occasions! There is no doubt – the colour for any special occasion dresses is pink for SS14. The two favourites are icy pink and hot pink- both choices are beautiful options for spring balls or weddings. The theme of the special occasion pink dresses are modern romance and vintage romance.  The style vary from maxi lace

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  • How to wear your scarlet red dress with your dominant colour!

    Sep 5, 2012 How to wear your scarlet red dress with your dominant colour! Everyone can wear a scarlet dress but everyone has to wear and combine it a different way.  How to wear it depends on your dominant colour.  If you are e.g. a Clear you need to contrast it while if you are a “Soft” you have to do exactly the opposite by softing the scarlet red

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