The Jeans Debate

Skinny VS Slouchy

  • Sexy, figure-slimming - Comfort is king.

  • Great with boots - Effortless.

Black VS Grey

  • Leg slimming, edgy - Cool, classy and elegant.

  • Go with everything, great with white tops, looks great at day and night time - Great with coloured tops, being different, less harsh at daytime.


Distressed VS Clean

  • Can be personalised - Wearable for work.

  • The older they get the better they look - Look elegant even when going casual.

  • Fashion buy - Investment buy.

  • Better left for the young and those with good figures - for any age, multitasking, problem solving.

Expensive VS Cheap

  • If your jeans are part of your staple wardrobe, it is worth investing more - Follow trend options on high street.

  • More durable and longer "life" expectation - have reason to buy a new jeans more often.

  • Better quality - who wants one pair of jeans for life?

  • Likely to be more ethical and eco produced - not as likely to be of the same standard and value!


Jeans style advice: What you should know

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