Jeans Advice for Inverted Triangle Body Shape


You need clothes which make hips look broader, to balance out your top with your bottom half.

  • Straight jeans


  • Boot-cut jeans

    Boot cut

  • Skinny jeans


  • Low-rise jeans

    Low rise

  • High-waisted jeans


  • Capri jeans


  • Flare jeans




  • All leg lines that are wider in their hemline e.g. boot-cut, flared and wide leg (unless you are short in height). They will give a long and lean look and make you look balanced.

  • Pockets, embellishment, colour and print will all work for you - look for styles that enhance your backside.

  • Slim frames can benefit from side pockets, which create a fuller thigh.

  • Look for jeans with a yoke in the back, which can make your backside look fuller.

  • Consider low rise (medium rise is ok) jeans with a contoured waistline.

  • Strategically placed washes or embellishments in the front and back pocket areas will attract attention to your hips.

  • Also lighter washes or fades along the legs and knees add shape to thighs.

  • Boyfriend and baggy jeans will look great on you since they will also balance out your silhouette.

  • The choice is yours when it comes to details on bottom and thigh area. As well extra fabric in these areas will be a good look for you.

  • Turn ups are a great style line for you.


  • Never use tapered jeans or any that are tight in the knees – it will emphasise your broader shoulders and leaner hips and bum.

  • Avoid standard straight legged jeans.

  • Avoid jeans with very small waistbands.

  • Avoid pocket-less jeans.

  • Jeans in darker colours will make your hips appear smaller.

  • Avoid styles and shapes that will have a slimming and narrowing effect from your waist down.


Jeans style advice: What you should know

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