How to choose the right skin tone in your hosiery

Women find it often challenging to find the right colour and shade for their hosiery when looking for a nude or bare leg look.

Here are some tips:

Pale Skin

Colour names vary from brand to brand. Best to look out for the palest nude option and if you like to add a bit of colour then choose one with a bit of a golden shade or anything that will say "enhance your leg colour", but be careful that it won't look "too tinted" on your leg, which will give you a dated look.


Tanned Skin

Women who come back from holidays with taint should look out for hosiery with brown undertones. Great as well with a bit of shine to give it a sun kissed glowing effect. While women who want to add some sun kissed colour to their legs need to choose carefully a colour that won't "over tan" their legs, since they can easily overpower by displaying a different skin colour on your legs to the rest of your body. It can look all of the sudden very "unnatural", so it is best to go for a "healthy skin colour" that works with the rest of your body skin.

Olive Skin

This describes women with a Mediterranean or Asian skin colour or women who tend to get very tanned. These women need to look out for a "nougat" tone in their nude tights. As pale skin run the risk of over tanning their legs women with an olive skin run the risk of choosing a lighter colour for their tights, which will give them not only an unnatural look but also washing them out. If in doubt choose a darker than a lighter tone. This skin tone need to be careful with shine and glitter in their hosiery since it could simply over power their skin and your overall look.

Dark Skin

Women with a dark skin tone are best to match their tights in their darker skin tone rather going for any lighter shade, because it will have an unnatural effect on their look. But gloss and shimmer will look great on this skin colour to add vibrance and shine to it.


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