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Style Guide: Calves

Style advice

Dressing your calves requires a strategy, because you need to have an understanding of your build, you need to put the size of your calves in context with your bust, body shape, height and proportion. By modifying the lines of your clothing you can create visual balance whether you have small or large calves.

  1. Visual Balance
  2. How to create visual balance between your body shape and calf size
  3. How to create visual balance between your height and calf size
  4. How to create visual balance with your proportions and your calf size
  5. How to dress big calves and create visual balance at the same time
    (Advice on how to choose trousers,skirt styles,shoes, heels and boots)


How to dress according to your calf size

  1. Calf sizes
    1. Small calves - the more style details the better
    2. Medium calves - moderation is key; choose one rather than two style details
    3. Big calves - lean and clutter free
  2. Leg line: Small/medium/long legs
    1. Long legs - need to breakup their length visually
    2. Medium legs - the same goes as for medium calves; moderation is key - choose one rather than too many style features at once.
    3. Short legs: No clutter - choose simple styles that elongate your leg line


Guidelines for your body shape depending on your calf size

  1. Neat Hourglass
  2. Full Hourglass
  3. Apple
  4. Pear
  5. Inverted Triangle
  6. Lean Column
  7. Rectangle

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