Duchess of Cambridge dressed in an electric blue dress!

The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out in an electric blue loose fitted dress when arriving with Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and their son Prince George of Cambridge in Fairbairn Airport on Sunday  in Canberra, Australia. She obviously loves the style of style and colour of the dress since she wore this dress now for the third time to a public engagement. The first time she was spotted wearing it was when opening the ‘Road to 2012: Aiming High’ exhibition for the 2012 Olympic games.

So, if you like the dress, colour, style and fit you might be liking the electric blue Alba dress by Michaela Jedinak London, which combines  modern characteristics with classic elegance and makes it to an instant staple to a woman’s wardrobe. As seen on the Duchess of Cambridge this dress is ideal for power dressing, because it can be worn to different occasions, seasons and be dressed up and down.

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