Knitwear Season- choose the right styles for your body shape!

It is cold out there, so it is time to think of some new knitwear style edits-gorgeous new season pieces for contemporary look. The new knit wear fashion is out in full force- patterned, colour blocked, oversized, print and wit sequin or/and metallic details. So, don’t be tempted by the look of it only, because it looks cool or fun. Unless they are bought to keep us warm when doing sport or curled up at home, you should apply the same style rules when buying your knit wear edit.  Only we fit into a size it doesn’t automatically it will look flattering on us.

Below you can find a couple of popular knitwear tops with patterns – one with polka dots and the other one with image. The models are of the same size but of a different body shape built. As result the knitwear top looks different on every single one. After all it is about creating visual balance, so make sure you dress towards your body strengths.

In general- for more info on how to dress right for your body shape click here:

  • When having a fuller bust it is best to avoid any details in that area since the pattern will stretch in an unflattering way ( e.g. full hourglass body shape)
  • If you have a fuller tummy, then is best to avoid any style details that might “distort” it. ( e.g. apple body shape)
  • If you are straight in your waist, best to avoid any styles that will showcase the straightness in your waist ( rectangle body shape and lean column) e.g. stripes
  • If you are having bigger thighs e.g. pear body shape then avoid any oversized styles that finish at the thigh or over the thigh. It simply shows the fullness of it. A better style choice is the knitwear top that finishes at the hip.
  • Try out our Style ME channel where you can create avatars build on your body shape- then start dressing up- and you will see how the individual styles in each garment play out on the body shape.


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