How to wear shorts for your body shape!

Which shorts, shorts style and types suit your best body shape is a classic every year question- especially for summer and holidays. Here is some style advice for how to dress right for your body shape when choosing your shorts. This style information focuses only on how to create visual balance in your body shape and not which shorts and style are age appropriate or appropriate for the occasion to wear. Also, don’t make the mistake to choose what is trendy or the latest in fashion over what looks best on your body shape. Looking your best takes strategy- it is all about creating visual balance your body shape and look!

1. Neat Hourglass

As a Neat Hourglass you are very flexible on the style of shorts you want to wear. You can choose from hot pants, to pleated or printed shorts to baggy safari shorts. Anything goes.

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2. Full Hourglass

As a full hourglass you have curves, so you want to avoid any styles with extra clutter that will distract from them – such as embellished or printed shorts or whiskering jeans or baggy safari shorts. All these styles will add visual volume to your body shape and hide your curves. The best styles are that are following your curves with a loose fit. You can opt for strong or bright colours, but best to keep them in one solid colour only.

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3. Inverted Triangle

You have broader shoulders than hips, so in order to create visual balance in your body shape you need to choose shorts styles that make you look broader on the bottom such as wide, baggy or printed shorts. Styles that make you visually look broader on the bottom, so it will balance with your broader shoulders. Though little solid coloured hot pants will fit your smaller bottom, but it won’t do anything for your overall look and body shape. Since it is not focusing on one body feature and not the overall look. This is a typical case and mistake that size equals suitability!

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4. Rectangle Body shape

Your challenge is to create the illusion of waist when choosing your shorts and your overall look, which can be difficult in warm weather since you have less to play with. Therefore it is important to get the basics right. Overall choose styles with a low waist over a mid waist or high waist since it will high light the least your boxy middle part and avoid any form of belted shorts. When choosing prints go over rounder images such as floral, polka dots or leopard prints over graphic prints. Also, whiskering jeans details or turnups are are great. Be careful with colour blocks in your shorts since it can simply highlight your non existing waist. When pairing up your shorts choose loose or/and asymmetric tops in your middle part that will cover up your waist- ideally go below your hips.

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5. Pear Body shape

This is my body shape, which is the opposite to an inverted triangle body shape. Therefore the style advice is exactly the opposite to them since we have broader hips and smaller shoulder and need to keep the attention upwards, which is tricky when choosing your shorts. To be honest the choices are not big and very limited- but this is the case with all clothes items on our lower half. So overall any attention seeking styles like clutter, embellishments, prints or style details or bright colours are a no no. We look best in simple loose fitted shorts that are without pleats, pockets, turn ups and are in classic colours. Important is that the shorts are not too short in the hemline since they will look visually too close to our broader hips and make us look fuller visually- even if you have good legs. Again this is a case the size doesn’t equal suitability and you need to focus on the overall look and not on a singular body feature.

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 6. Apple Body shape

The fullest part of an apple body shape is around the tummy area, so the attention has to be kept on the first and third part. So, the best styles are mid rise with a loose fit around the tummy area to avoid over spills, avoid any hot pants, short shorts since these style are too close visually to your fullest part – your tummy and will make you visually even rounder. No matter if they fit or if you have a great set of legs. Again this is a case that size doesn’t equal suitability. Best is to choose shorts which hemline that goes at least to above your knee area with at least a loose leg line, but a wide one will look even better. Since the longer style will stretch you visually and distract from your roundness in the middle part as well the wider hemline in your shorts will take out roundness in your body shape. Also avoid any tight fitted shorts around the legs such as a narrowing leg since it will make you look out of balance in your body shape like fuller on top and small on your bottom. When pairing your shorts go for a top with a lower neckline and looser fit around your waist. Important is that it is not tight fitted neither baggy since both styles are not flattering for your body shape. Also, your top should never be cropped or mid short in your hemline but always be at least below your hip line.

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7. Lean Column Body shape

As a lean body shape you need to create curves in your bust, hips as well creating the illusion of a waist or intensifying your small waist definition. So overall the style guide for this body shape clutter and more clutter to add visual volume to their body shape. You can add clutter by going for baggy styles or by busy printed or embellished shorts or add volume to your hips by going for bright colours in your shorts. Hot pants and short style shorts look great, because will create a fuller rounder bottom. But also baggy safari shorts with big pockets will work well to add volume to this lean body shape. Styles that should be avoided are clean and simple and belted styles that will look great on the full hourglass and pear body shape. Meaning styles that avoids attention and volume to the lower half.  Remember attention and clutter is simply key for this body shape. When choosing prints you are quite flexible but on a personal note I would choose small to medium size patterns, so it doesn’t overpower your frame.

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