How to wear open back dresses right!

Open back dresses and cut out back dresses are the epitome of spring and summer weather and cocktail and party dresses all year round. They will make heads turn as well will never fail to impress if you get it the dress code right.

So, to wear this trend to perfection you need to know who can wear it best. There is no denying a beautiful back is the foundation for these type of dresses. These dresses create a focus and feature on your back.

Who can wear the open back and cut open back dresses best

  1. You need to have a good skin
  2. A sun kissed back works best
  3. A straight back is ideal since any less good back features will be only highlighted and exposed
  4. Neither bony back or a fuller back will work here
  5. Make sure the any of the cut open features are not creating any over spills of skin
  6. Make sure the chosen dress is age appropriate to make the style work
  7. In general these are not dresses suitable or appropriate to wear to work
  8. Inverted triangle need to choose their open back and cut open back dress with care since they need to make sure that the feature is not making them visually top heavy.
  9. Best to wear your hair up in order to bring out the back features

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